04 December 2010


My current favourite commercial is that of Nestea’s where a boy Nicos, portrayed by Neil Coletas, was fuming on how the girl of his dreams broke his heart. Below is the transcript that I have been fond of reciting together with Nicos every time the ad is being aired. :D

Mom: Nicos? O bakit? Teka-teka. Sige anak, ibuhos mo lang.
Nicos: Binasted ako ni Mattina... thru text! Ang sabi nya, “You and I are kindred spirits,”.
Sis: Kindred spirits?
Mom: Ano yun?
Nicos: Konti na lang, soulmates na yun! Hmf.. Yung ilong naman nya, to the left, to the left. Although ang smile nya... meron. Pero ang puso nya, WALA! Wala syang puso! Ito! Pinag-ipunan ko pa sa maliiiiit kong allowance. But that’s another issue.
Sis: Wawa naman Nicos... Haha.
Bro: Basted na naman.
Mom: Ssshhh...
Dad: Tama na yan.
Mom:  Sige Nicos, ibuhos mo pa.
Narrator:  Buhos lang ng buhos. Ganyan ang love ni Mommy. Ganyan ang saya sa Nestea. Bottomless.
Nicos: Haaaa... ayoko maging member ng SMP, Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko.
Mom:  Halika, hug kita.
Sis: Awww.. basted!
(end of script)

This ad never fails to make me smile. It is so heart-warming, so Filipino. I didn’t even notice that the model who played Nicos is that same irritating guy in the Voice commercial. Remember, “Absence. Wala nang Voice.”?

Anyway, here is another fixation I had recently. Not that I liked it but I can’t help but recite with the girl in the ad:

“Bawal-bawal ka dyan! Eh, so what kung gabi, magkakape ako kung gusto ko no. Decaffeinated naman eh. So makakatulog pa rin ako. Masarap kaya. Try mo!”

Sometimes I really wonder what fun do I derive from irritating myself.


Here is my ticket home this Christmas. *big grin* Finally, I am assured that I’ll see my family for the Yule. Sad thing though, to avail the cheaper rates I have to spend my Noche Buena here in Manila. *frown* Alone. *frown*


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