15 January 2012

CROSSED-OVER: NEW IN 2011 & 2012

For two reasons, I would like to post here my recent purchases & acquisitions:

     (1)  I reeeeeeeeeeeally love these items. And if I could, I would incessantly rave about 'em all day. But of course, I hafta work. And eat.

     (2) I’m not really the materialistic type. I mean I am not so much into buying clothes, or accessories, or appliances. Ever since I started working, the only use I have for my dispensable income was to buy me food. FOOD! Different kinds – cheap, expensive, healthy, junk, sweet, spicy, Asian, Western, and so on. It was my only guilty pleasure then. Thus, month after month, the fate of my hard-earned salary would be just a big joyful burp!
           Recently though, and with this I mean ‘in the past few months’, I started to buy tangible things. Ergo, those that I would not masticate or that would not perish after 24 hours. 

To be honest, I am missing my eat-outs. But, having physical evidences of my hard-earned money which everyday reminds me of my hardwork, is not too bad, I realize. 

So, ladies & gentlemen, without further ado, please allow me to present to you the fruits of my labor:

09 January 2012


Today I did nothing but bum out. I woke up early, had my coffee, and read my Sunday paper. And then I changed my profile picture in Facebook and then I listed down the things I'll do:

- write 1 blog entry (something about recent purchases)
- wash office uniforms
- iron office uniform for tomorrow
- read 1 chapter of LOMA 305 reviewer
- finish The Catcher in the Rye
- upload Christmas pics (net shop)
- upload Christmas vids (net shop)

And then I put priority numbers...

06 January 2012


I would just like to share with you these two videos of my latest performances. Both of which happened in the same event, Verve 3.

VERVE is a dance concert series being staged by the UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company (my college hiphop group). If you’re familiar with other school’s dance concerts, Verve can be likened to UP Manila Indayog’s SAYAW MANILA, UP Streetdance Club’s STREET FUZION, or LaSalle Street Dance Company’s DANZ DISH. I’m sure the Company of Ateneo Dancers also has one but I’m not sure what it’s called.

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