10 March 2011


This was my Part 3 of my journey last Friday. I went to National Bureau of Investigation to have my name cleared from their systems. Their new office is located near LRT Monumento station.

If you're not familiar with DOST, you might be wondering why I am undergoing this. When I went to college, I signed a scholarship contract with DOST (Department of Science and Technology). We wouldn't be able to afford my college tuition anyway, so I had no choice. Once you sign the contract, you become part of the DFA, BI, and NBI watchlist. You will not be allowed to leave the country until you have served the country for the same number of years that they sent you to school.

For my case, I was only a scholar for two and a half years (am discounting all my Pisay years.. *grin*). So now that I have worked for almost three years, I was able to get a clearance from DOST, which will consequently allow me to be cleared from the DFA/BI/NBI watchlists. Hence my 4th of March journey. :)

Now, this is the part where I should be explaining how to get an NBI clearance. however, I wouldn't really be able to tell as when I arrived, I was sent straight away to an office that processes special cases. What I needed was to have my name cleared from NBI systems. however, the official there old me that I won't need to since my papers were approved in the DFA that morning. It meant that the DFA recognized that my name has already been cleared in the NBI. So that means, I won't be needing a new NBI clearance (this time for travel abroad).

I was not utterly convinced, and I would've liked to process a new clearance just in case the DFA turns on me later, however, my really bad cough told me to go home and rest instead.

Final destination. NBI.
Status. Cleared??
Duration. Around 8 minutes.


Me went straight home with fingers crossed.


Bel said...

hehe, don't you like it? around 2002, I had to let go of a job offer abroad dahil sa tagal ng NBI mag-clear sa pangalan ko, pabalik-balik ako from Baguio to Taguig, then Careodo... you can only imagine it was a mess, abala, gastos!

LONEWULF said...

haha.. yup, local govt systems are still crappy in general.. i recognize their efforts to be more organized though. hopefully, the process will become easier in time.

too bad you had to let go of that job offer.

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