27 April 2011


In the 4th of March I processed my passport as I had already acquired my DOST clearance.

I requested for a regular processing of my passport, i.e. 25 working days. However, no passport showed up on the 26th day, neither on the 27th. I started to worry as there might had been issues encountered in the processing of my passport. Was my name not cleared properly from the watchlist? Was it because of the NBI thing that I was worried about? Before my paranoia solidifies I called up my courier service provider. They confirmed that there were no problems with my passport approvals as DFA would have called me if there was. They assured me not to worry as they were pretty sure that there were just delays in “printing” the passport. The DFA has been encountering printing delays for some time now, thus, backlogs and follow up calls became as common as sunlight.

The following week, I received this parcel.

Containing these...

Now that’s another huge thorn removed from my chest, plus another crossed out entry in my 2011 Laundry List. Sweet!

And with all the sound my vocal cords could muster, I holler...


25 April 2011


Android No. 18
At the start of 2010, I lost my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic when I went for a night out alone. That night I bar hopped from posh L.A.X. in Pasay to more bourgeois bars in Malate. I partied hard, got drunk, and benevolently handed my mobile phone to a nameless entity. Gawd, I couldn’t even remember where I lost my phone. I didn’t even know if I was robbed or if the gadget simply slipped off my pocket.

Anyway, after the long grieving, I swore to myself I’ll get a good replacement phone; something that I really wanted so that I’ll take good care of it. Back then, I had decided to shift from Nokia to Sony Ericsson as I figured out that S.E. hardware is more durable, camera is better, plus the user interface is a lot more hip than that of Nokia. Every bit of any S.E. unit is surely worth my fortune.

I searched the S.E. website looking for the perfect unit for me. I was eyeing Vivaz when suddenly this not-yet-out-in-the-market (then) phone caught my attention. It was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. It was love at first sight. <3 I was attracted mainly to its sleek appearance, large screen, cool slide transitions, and the fact that it already runs on Android OS (whatever that means).

Since then I couldn’t stop raving about the model. I could hardly stop myself from grabbing strangers by the collar and yell, “You should buy X10!”

I had also made clear to everyone I know that I will purchase a unit before the year ends. On 2010 Christmas I should already be using an Xperia X10. That was the dream. With that I started saving up. I knew it will be a tough task for me as (1) the phone was expensive, and (2) I am not exactly the frugal type. Luckily, I was able to save up, but sadly, I used all of it when I quit my job last August and became a bum for two months. *frown*

So when 2010 ended, I didn’t get a new phone.

January, my birthday month, came. Just when I was about to let go of the dream (by starting to eye HTC units), I came across an ad in sulit.com (Manila’s version of craigslist) of a pre-loved X10 unit being sold for a little over half the price. I just couldn’t pass that up. I pooled cash through borrowing from friends, and then purchased my birthday gift to myself. It was of good condition, with an upgraded OS, and a still valid warranty.

With this, I crossed out another entry in my Laundry List, i.e. to purchase an Android phone. Yay.

/*I am looking at posting an entry on a dummy guide to Android OS, or at least an explanation for the non-techie (from a non-techie) of what the rave was all about. Hope I can squeeze that in soon. Also, after months of using X10, I am now considering selling it and purchasing HTC Desire, maybe because of the lack of upgrade to Froyo of my current phone. Don't understand why I'm talking about food in a gadget topic? Wait for my next Android entry. (sniggers)*/

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21 April 2011


Being the cheapskate that I am, I always opt... Wait, I am no cheapskate! I just don't have a lot of money, that is.

So anyway, I grew up with just enough money to get by plus perhaps a little extra for the "wants". Thus, here I am now, a person who more often than not opts for middle goodies, i.e. average-priced with average quality.

With this, I would like to share how I got my summer beach look for less than 700 bucks.

First, you need to go to a place where you can get the garments that you pictured in mind. In my case, Market! Market! I went straight ahead to the supermarket and saw a lot of choices right away. Since it's Summer, more than half of the display are beach outfits.

First up, board shorts. Lucky me, I found a nice pair at the Maui & Sons. (Read) On Sale!
Tip: Even when you're out of budget, do not skip the pricey lane, as they might have items on sale.

350 pesos
Next is the top. There was an endless array of options actually, but when I saw this one from a brand called Nautilus, I grabbed it right away.

120 pesos
Last is the flops. Normally, I would have opted for Banana Peel, rightly priced luxury. However, I bought from a brand called Reva. The rubber is less comfy but the extra bucks I was able to conserve was worth the reduced comfort.

120 pesos (?)
There. I just bought me-self a nice set of beach garments. Wheeepeee!


And since I had spare cash to spend, I bought a set of undergarments as well.



Truth is, for the past weeks I had been shuffling only two briefs. They're all I have left. Thus I really need to purchase these. 3 + 1 at Walker. Comfortable to wear, good quality, inexpensive. Priced at P199 to P229 apiece. Ergo, ~P600 for the quadruple. Neat, eh?

16 April 2011


Warning: Stale topic.

So I passed by Market! Market! this morning (as like any other weekday morning), and I discovered that that Gerald-Sarah flick is still on. Then I remembered that one funny night when Jap and I had a shameful dose of our own medicine.

One fortnight ago, Jap, TJ, and I decided to watch Catch Me... I’m In Love. Well, to be more precise, we decided to watch the movie upon seeing the trailer for the first time few months ago. *shudders* Yes, I know there were other more valuable movies out there, but can we really help it? The teasers were interestingly crafted. I mean, yeah, I shamefully admit that the movie teasers got me all giddy. Every, single, time. (1,2,3... barf!)

Roanna of Caloocan meets the President's son
Part 1. The Purchase.

And so, the hypocrites rendezvoused in Market! Market! cinema area, where Sarah and JLC were on, alongside Sucker Punch and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. We were eager to watch the flick, yet reluctant to fall in line to purchase tickets.

We queued next to a couple who looked like they normally hangout in Serendra, but somehow accidentally made a wrong turn to Market! Market! that night. [TRIVIA: Serendra frequenters = Class A or B, Market! Market! frequenters = Class C or D]. We were exhorting each other as to who should do the honor of making the big announcement, “Three tickets to Catch Me... I’m In Love, please...” when Jap suddenly jolted and covered his mouth as if someone just performed the ‘thousand years of pain’ on him. He had just unsuccessfully stifled his laugh, while I was stoically staring at him. He then whispered to me in a grin, “The Serendra couple is watching Bieber!” Haha. We both retorted a mental Yikes. Then we turned to the ticketing lady and chorused.

“THREE tickets to Catch Me... I’m In Love, please!”

the tickets
Part 2. The Karma.

Okay, so we had the tickets. Next obstacle – the queue of shame.

As we stood a decent number of yards from the cinema entrance, we tried to figure out how to stand on the now lengthening queue. My genius solved the problem that time. I told Jap, “Here’s the plan: we will just tell that judgmental person who will ask us later why we were watching the show that we were actually watching Sucker Punch, but somehow we accidentally made a wrong turn to Catch Me... I’m In Love.”

Ingenious, right?

While on the queue of shame, the hypocrites made a few observations.

Look at those queue frontliners, their demeanor paints baduy all over.- Gosh, did we just fall in the same line as them?

In fairness to those two there, they looked... uhm... classy. -Yeah, too classy for a JLC flick!

Oh, the movie has just finished! -Here comes a huge wave of baduys. Pretend we’re not part of the crowd. –I’m just a tree, ignore me. Wait! In fairness, some of them don’t look baduy. –Oh, it’s our turn.

Lady Guard: Tickets please. *ogle* *ogle* What movie are you watching, Sir?
Hypocrites: Uhmm... er..
Lady Guard: Are you watching that Tagalog movie? It’s over there, at Cinema 6. This is Sucker Punch.


Hypocrites: (shrank to unbelievably microscopic dimensions)

And that, kids, is the fascinating legend of how the hypocrites started to believe in karma.


The hypocrites-now-turned-karma-believers then exited disgracefully the faux baduy line and heads-down paraded to the real queue of shame.

the real queue

Fast forward. The movie was fun! It was worth the shame and the lessons. Really.

Part 3. Denouement.

This section is totally unrelated to the subject but I just want to share that that shameful night ended pretty well.

While heading home, the karma believers discovered Taguig’s version of Banchetto at the Market! Market! carpark, It’s called Kantina. [TRIVIA: Banchetto is a night food market that features endless stalls of yummy food of various origins and shapes. It normally opens on a Friday and Saturday(?) night at Emerald Avenue, Ortigas].

And lastly, our greatest discovery since we left Elbi... A PUB!

Nope, the pics not edited. The signage really looks like it's floating.

Sits just across Market! Market! Not as grandiose as most city people would imagine, but it is a pub nonetheless. One can drink, play billiards, drink, listen to live performers, drink, play darts, sing in the karaoke rooms, drink, and weep about how ex is a really mean mean person. Pretty much what any pub should be.

KTV Big Room (accommodates 15-20) = Php200 per hour. Pretty cheap, eh?
Small Room is Php150 per hour

It was no Red Box,  but hey, I don’t care. This is my place. I can drop by here every day after work. I can bring my friends here and chill ala How I Met Your Mother. This, is the place to be.

By the way, did I mention they have free WIFI?

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11 April 2011


UP alumna Shamcey Supsup has just won the title Binibining Pilipinas 2011 Universe. She impressed the Araneta crowd not just with her grace and beauty, but also with her brains! She eloquently answered her question by telling everyone how she values education because that's something that cannot be taken away from her. I totally agree!

After much googling, I learned that this pretty lass hails from General Santos City (Go Team Bisdak!), is a magna cum laude architecture graduate of UP Diliman (Go Team Peyups!), and had /*according to this site*/ topnotched the 2010 Architecture Board Exam. Whew! Too many cranial achievements for a beauty queen. *applause*

In a few months, she will be competing in Sao Paolo, Brazil for the much-coveted title MISS UNIVERSE 2011.

Well, best of luck to you, Shamcey! Make us proud.


Photo credits:
As the watermark screams, the pictures are officially owned by the Bb. Pilipinas organization. However, I actually took them from FB.

09 April 2011



This is a video of our (Urban Elite) performance last 11 March 2011 at PCU GUIDance (GOD U and I Dance). Apologies for the quality, I lowered the pixel counts so I can upload it here. Enjoy!

Choreo Credits:

Never Ever - Athea Baraquio
You Belong With Me - Athea Baraquio
G is for Girl - Isa Lexie Martinez
Get Buck in Here - Louie Canaria / Erik Javier
Bleeding Love - Erik Javier
We Need You - John Roy Deimoy


Erik Javier
Louie Canaria
Jude Eco
Xan Yee
AJ Tapia
Tope Peregrino
Lexie Martinez
Joie Gabriel
Sabrina Marin
Charm Ubalde
Mariel Ortega

01 April 2011


Due to system constraints in FB, I am having my wall post here. So to all of my five followers, please excuse this post if deemed irrelevant. Or try viewing my wall to know the story. Hope I'm attaching the correct link.

Lonewulf at Bora - 2009


Sorry, sabawan sa office, ngayon lang nakapagOL. Ang hirap mag-judge! Andaming promising na entries. Pero eto na ang mga nanalo:

1. Mica Salcedo <---  clap clap clap
2. Erik Javier <---- clap clap clap
3. Wrej Manrique <---- weee, wtg batch!
4. Ralph Selga
5. Louie Canaria
6. Chie A. Abitria
7. Yron Joseph Manaig
8. Jocelle Perez Gabriel
9. Aj Tapia
10. Annz Bastida AniƱon
11. Anna Mariel R. Ortega <---- haha, eto pinakawinner!
12. Jarizza Mae Urzo Biscante
13. Sabrina Marin
14. Elbert Jude Eco
15. Kenjie Bogs Gonzales
16. Miracella Andoy
17. Jed Chester Sanchez Padua
18. Tessa Barroso
19. Lyn Uy
20. David Cristobal
21. Norman Pascual
22. Danilo H. Gibe Jr.
23. Dani-Ann Kay Magulado <---- hehe.. clap clap madam! nanalo ka din!
24. Mark Jason L. Villanueva
25. Tope Peregrino
26. Nik Shawn Tabao

Whew! parang isang section na kayo ah

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE!!!! (antatanda nyo na. tsk)


In all fairness, I was de-stressed by this activity. *wide grin* I never imaging you guys LOVE me that much. *blush*

Big Thanks!!!
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