31 December 2010


I just want to post my latest sketch. I made it right before I left for Davao. Here it is, an image of me:

The drawing isn't quite done yet. I planned to render colors on it using water color. And honestly, I'm quite scared of how it will turn out as it has been quite a while since I've used colors, much less watercolor. If I remember correctly, I have only had two watercolor pieces ever and both were Photorealism plates in high school Art class. Hope this one will turn out okay.

Below are other drawings I did that I managed to take pictures of before dissolving into oblivion.

This is supposed to be a midnight scene. [Pen and Ink]

Photorealism (R) of a model from a magazine page (L). [Oil Pastel]

My then concept of self. [Oil Pastel]

My costume in our SJ White Party, thanks to Athea Baraquio for doing the henna on my body. [Pencil]

A copy of an edited photo of me. [Pencil]
I missed drawing. My hands are itching to finish my current project. Wish me luck!


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