20 October 2011


This was supposed to be ‘part 3’ of my Adventuresome series, the Zorbing bit. BUT...

the zorb
wanderlusts - loitering in the airport parking

19 October 2011


To complete my Davao Extreme Adventure Weekend (ching!), I and my friends Jed, Sybil, Lesele, and Luningning went to Diversion Road to zipline! We chose Outland Adventure over Zipcity because we heard that Outland has a longer trail. Also, they have a double trail, plus you may opt to zip the line by doing a “Superman position”, i.e. prone position (lying face down) with arms spread sideways or at the front as if mimicking a flying Superman.

Me <-- all geared up for the zip

14 October 2011


Whenever SUGARFREE does a live act in Feb Fair (annual event in my alma mater), I am always there in the front row.

When I bumped into them at the backstage in one of our dance gigs (Wow! I just realized we shared gigs in the same event; though technically I did not perform that day), I unashamedly asked for a picture with frontman Ebe.

And when they had their last performance as a band in Eastwood, I struggled with the rain just to be there.I just wanted to see their last moment together as a band. And also sing with them, no, shout with them all the lyrics that I know. That night my heart cried together with the rest of the crowd's.

13 October 2011

ADVENTURESOME: Wakeboarding in Davao City - The Real Deal

At the start of the year, I posted about my wakeboarding adventures in Davao. It was funny because I did NOT really participate in such activity at that time due to unfortunate reasons (read the blog linked in the previous sentence), and yet a lot of people /*mostly strangers I assume*/ visited that page, perhaps to gather some info about wakeboarding in Davao City. I know that for a fact because that post is the #5 most popular post in this entire blog -- see right panel for proof. *grin* I imagine the horror on their faces when they finished reading my post and not getting any relevant info.

So anyway, here's the real deal. Before August ended, me and my friends went to Deca Wakeboard Park, which is located at Deca Homes Resort Residences, Tacunan, Davao City. It's just a couple of miles away from my high school campus in Mintal, Davao City.

For those who are interested to wakeboard, I believe these are the rates:

12 October 2011

HOME SICK HOME: Idiotic, Nostalgic, and Adventuresome

our family residence at Tagum City, Davao del Norte

It was the last weekend of August. I was pretty giddy while on that idiotic evening flight to Davao. I remember I was all happy and excited whilst reading the Sunday paper and sipping some house coffee. I will be seeing my family! Aside from seeing my relatives and friends, I will be meeting my high school batchmates for a day of extreme activities (ziplining, wakeboarding, etc.) in Davao City. I couldn’t even care when my flight seatmate noticed my odd grinning, I was just excited.

I tried to read my paper, just to be compliant with my Sunday routine. However, my eagerness made it difficult for me to focus on the articles. I only managed to remember two news clips.

07 October 2011


For months, I've been dying to post this vid but I can't find a good reason to turn it into a blog entry. Finally, I managed to find an opportunity. That's because this entry is going to be all about dancing. :)

If you didn't know it yet, I dance. It is a passion I have since I was a kid. I danced while I was struggling with my strenuous high school curriculum in Pisay. I danced while completing my baccalaureate degree in Los BaƱos. And even now while I'm learning the ropes in the corporate world, I still dance. Heck, a handful of my friends ONLY know me as "that guy who dances". They don't even know I have a day job.


Our company, Pru Life UK, is now celebrating its 15th anniversary; it means that Prudential has been in the Philippines for 15 years. :)

And with that, we treat the public with a Libreng Sakay campaign last Friday, where we gave away 75,000 MRT tickets for the commuters to enjoy. We distributed in SM North, Cubao, Shaw, Ayala, and Taft stations.
Our newsletter cover featuring some of my officemates

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