29 March 2012


Okay, so I’m in a bit of a panic now that I finally received this.

It’s the official wedding invitation from Dale John Satur and Malaya Manalang. Say whuuut? This is real now. I mean, I learned about this happy occasion was that more than a year ago(?), but now that the invite is in my hands, I felt like, yeah, this is really happening. And I’m not yet prepared.



28 March 2012


Just over a week ago, I embarked on my ‘first vacation abroad’, with two good friends of mine, to the home of electronics-giants Samsung and LG, automobile-giants KIA and Hyundai, and of course, Lotte. The Land of the Morning Calm... SOUTH KOREA, BABY! =)  /*I do not count my HK trip last July as a vacation abroad, as that one’s business-related. Or so I call it.*/

So for a few days, I lived and breathed kimchi. Which is not entirely true as I do not really fancy eating vegetables (and fruits). But anyway, here is what I can tell you now... THE WHOLE TRIP WAS BLISS. It was like experiencing a good fraction of the best moments of my entire life within one week!

And because of that I will spend the next couple of weeks writing entries about our week-long trip. =) I hope the entries will give you a taste of Korea, if you haven’t been there (yet). Or give you tips and ideas in case you are planning to go there.

07 March 2012


March 2, 2012


Last Friday, the publisher of my favorite newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer died of heart attack at 77. 

Having been in the news realm since he was 19, he had contributed a lot to our country, bringing us information, even amidst political boycotts organized against his newspaper. He had been known to have created impacts and has served as inspiration, not only to his colleagues, but also to other journalists, successful and aspiring alike. And as such, they call him one of the Pillars of Philippine Journalism.

Being a reader of PDI, I would like to devote an entry to Mr. Gani. As a child I have always loved reading. I read mythology books, atlases, encyclopedia, fiction, etc. But I never read the paper. I just didn’t like reading current events. I don’t know why – perhaps it was the ubiquity of depressing news. However, sometime in college, I discovered the glory of “knowing”. Or more specifically, knowing what’s going on in the country and in the world. Thanks to PDI who made me allot P20 weekly from my living allowance, to buy my Sunday paper.

Even now as I work, I have developed this habit of reading the paper every weekend, and even subscribing to daily newsletters through my office email. Thanks to the reader-friendly layout, and the wonderful writers and researchers of Inquirer. Thanks to Mr. Isagani Yambot.

May you rest in peace.


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