About Lonewulf

Lonewulf is a simple boy born in the countryside, to a simple couple with simple lives. As a cub, rather than playing with other whelps, he loved spending most of his conscious hours either in front of the TV or reading books. That shouldn’t be a wonder if you know Lonewulf, as you would be aware that he had no siblings. To be exact, he had two siblings but both did not make it past infancy.

Through the books that he read and the shows that he watched, Lonewulf learned a lot about the world. That Bacchus is the Roman counterpart of Dionysus. That dinosaur is a word that means “terrible lizard”. That his classmate’s name Soirabil Libarios is an example of a palindrome. And that Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark, which is a quarter chunk of Scandinavia.

He also learned that cat tails are body parts while cattails are plants, daffodils are the loveliest in the world, Siam is Thailand, and that the Land of Saladin is Syria, the capital of which is Cyprus. And with these, Lonewulf’s world expanded way beyond his country home. In his mind, the whole world became his home.

As a result, he felt that he was so different from the rest of his pack, whose world revolves  only in the country side. He did not want that. He wanted to explore Chile or Madrid, or the Tibetan highlands. He wants to watch a Broadway comedy, or trek the Kremlin yard. He wanted to ride the Pan-European train, shake hands with Harajuko girls, trek Rio de Janeiro, or stroll in Times Square or perhaps the Piccadilly Circus.

So he left his countryside and became a scholar. He met different kinds of people: wise, talented, outrageous, depressed, peculiar, unpleasant, short, big, and all sorts of person you could think of. He loved them and he hated them. And he became all of them. Much to his oblivion, the simple Lonewulf has now become a complicated creature.

At present, he breathes Metropolitan air. He struggles to survive the unsympathetic streets full of reality, deceit, and heavy taxes. But Lonewulf is happy. Or at least that’s what it seems. He is slowly fulfilling his dream of turning the whole planet into his hometown. And he wants to chronicle every bit of it.

Hence, this blog.
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