29 February 2012


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The UP College of Business Administration GPAT (Graduate Program Admission Test) results just came in, and I made the first cut!


And I was part of those who skipped the interview process. More yay to that! Anyway, that leaves me halfway through to getting in the program (MS Finance in CBA). Now, I'll just have to wait for the schedule of the proficiency exams. Whew! I hope I'll make that cut as well.

For now, Imma celebrate! Yabah!

28 February 2012


Not one, but TWO Anvil Awards!

One for the Libreng Sakay program where we gave 75,000 commuters free MRT rides on our 15th Anniversary. And another one for our unique financial literacy program (for kids!) in the form of an animated show on Cartoon Network. It's called "Cha-Ching!".

Can I just say that I'm so proud of this company I currently work for? Yay! Another milestone for Pru Life UK. By the way, if you've read this certain blog entry, you'd know that I took part in one of the award-winning initiatives. Kacha! *wide grin*


I swore I just went there to check if they have the reviewer I was looking for. You see, I have this upcoming exam two weeks from now. I'm pretty confident I'll pass, however, my blocmate who's also taking the exam, said he'll get himself a reviewer just to make sure he won't fail. That got me nervous.

So this evening, after I left the office, I went straight to Fully-Booked in Boni High Street to get meself a good reviewer. After rummaging the shelves of the first, second, and third floors (ooh, there's a Starbucks AND White Hat stores inside the bookstore... Noice!), I was not able to find the reviewer. Then I asked this kind staff if such reviewer exists in the shop, and he led me obligingly to the correct shelf, leaving me shocked to discover that the reviewer costs way more than a thousand bucks!

"Oh no, this is not the right book. Too bad you don't have the reviewer here. *sigh* Maybe they have it in National Bookstore. Ktnxbye!"

I dashed downstairs until I reached the basement (oh, they have a basement!). And it is where I found this.

My secong Gaiman... bwahaha

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