08 September 2011


Yesterday, when I came back in the office, right after I took a two-day vacation leave, I saw this on my desk:

*Psycho tune plays*

Oh noes! The company uniforms are here. *frowns* This means adieu to my favorite dress shirts. And ties. And cardigan. And other preppy look. *frowns*


Day after our dance gig at Tomas Morato...

Despite the fact that I partied the previous night (It's a Friday, and it’s stupid not to drink in a cocktail event), I woke up early that morning. And I assure you, it's not a regular feat for me to wake up early on a Saturday. Or to be exact, it's not a regular feat for me to wake up early.

However, I really pushed myself to get up that day, because I know that it's a big day! Not for me though. It's a big day for the kids! Today is my department's schedule to visit our company-sponsored Gawad Kalinga (GK) village, the Pru Life UK GK Felicity Village, which is located in ParaƱaque.

I was actually over-excited to meet the kids because I have been looking forward to give them some goodies, and do the community some good. Because it's such a nice thing to do good to people! Oooh, I'm such a kind individual with a big golden heart. <-- Who is this person? Haha.
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