30 November 2010


I know you sometimes think that we look good together. And I'm most certain that we do. I know that because whenever you are at my side I feel peaceful and ecstatic and delighted and calm all at the same time.

You remind me that even if life is harsh, it is mostly about the happy times.

You made me feel tingles that I have already forgotten I could ever feel. Being with you makes me warm and light and juvenile, it kind of reminds me of my prom night.

You are like a piece of heaven sent to me as reward for all my good deeds.

Sometimes I imagine the two of us strolling at the mall, or have a good dinner in one of your favorite restaurants, or perhaps have a few drinks together while listening to a live band. And I know we will both have a good time.

You are someone I can be with in any setting, any period, any lifetime, and I won't be bored.

You just made me believe in weddings. And for the first time in my life I imagined myself wearing a groom's suit, feeling both excited and anxious to see my bride walk down the aisle.

But of course, in every story there's always a catch. For reasons only I can comprehend at the moment, I can't make you be mine.

So for now, I'll just live my life and let you live yours. I will definitely keep on looking at your pictures. And believe that I was behind that smile.

And for what it's worth, I think I'm in love with you.


Sab said...

Lovin your entries dadi.. Awww..

lykanthros said...

thanks nak! keep on following. :)

btw, me blog ka rin ba?

Sab said...
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Sab said...

Dadi, eto po blogsite ko:


Haba no? hehe.

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