12 January 2013

HELLO 2013!

On 2 January 2013, I drafted:

"Okay, so it's past midnight on the second day of 2013. Which means, tonight I'll be flying back to Manila. It's kinda bittersweet because I am both excited to start my third trimester and sad to leave my hometown. The latter is a particularly stronger emotion since I have been having a blast for the past few days. Perhaps this is one of those vacations that I didn't spend much. And yet, I was extremely joyful sharing quality time with my family and friends. :-)

Whether I was having a chat with my cousins, or cooking a special dish for my folks, or playing at the mall arcade with my friends, I was utterly happy. And this happiness made me realize that truly, the best things in life are priceless.

Okay, enough of that.

What I really want to do right now (after verbalizing above how I feel at the moment) is (1) to jumpstart blogging /*since I have been missing in the blogosphere for many weeks*/; and (2) try out this new scheme of uploading photos in this blog. For the first one, I'll try to start writing some pending blog entries that I have been meaning to publish but didn't find time to do so. And for the latter, as advised by a couple of Facebook friends, I'll try to use Flickr as a means to upload photos in blogspot despite my storage capacity issues with Blogger.

And to start with the latter, let me attach a trial pic in this entry. Hope this works."

<<<<<< Fast forward to 12 January 2013:  Okay it didn't work. If I want to continue blogging here, I would need to upgrade this account and avail extra storage for a fee. Since I seem to have no choice, why not push all the way through, get extra storage + have my own domain name + host my own site? Good plan, eh? Except for the 'annual fees' part. Not cool. However, I really have few alternatives, so I just have to deal with the fees.

So anyway, I revived my original blog in Wordpress (which has nil entries). If ever I'll host my own site, I'll be using Wordpress due to its flexibility /*think of the iOS vs Android analogy*/. Perhaps I should have entitled this blog "GOODBYE" instead of "HELLO" because this is going to be my last entry in Blogger. Awww... I hate goodbyes. It gets me teary-eyed every time. T.T

But seriously, I'm thankful that people read this blog, and some few even clicked that "Follow" button.

Anyway, you can still catch me in my Wordpress site. Hope you still follow me there. Here's the URL:


Thanks guys! This is LONEWULF signing off...

...in Blogger.
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