18 December 2010


I have just wired the last two installments for my laptop. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! After more than a year in my possession, it is now officially mine. One hundred percent mine.

my Acer laptop


I woke up this morning late, and limp.  But five seconds into consciousness I felt an odd rush inside that I immediately recognized as excitement. For the first time in my work life, I felt so excited to go to the office. Not that there's anything special waiting for me today. Nada. Just plain old work. However I was really excited. I wanted to see my reports right away, do some analyses, follow ups, and conduct some meetings. I was very eager to do pieces of my work, and somehow contribute to the company. What's more peculiar is that I am dreading the coming Christmas vacation. Just thinking about it makes me start to miss my desk, my colleagues, and even my work.

Hmm.. Maybe this is a good sign. Or not? Well whatever it is, I'm sure it means I am having fun in my new work.

Channeling good vibes to everyone.



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