17 November 2012



Gatsby Styling Dance Competition
10 November 2012 - 4PM Market! Market!


The champions of Gatsby Styling Dance Competition 2012 are none other than... our kids, the resident competing team of UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company. Woohoo!

1st runner-up: Next 2 Innocence
2nd runner-up: ICI Dance Company


I'm one proud alumnus.

During our time (yes, I had my share of the limelight back in college) UPLB Street Jazz is not that known. There were a lot of other good crews in the Metro. So all we ever wanted then was to get noticed. And yes, get noticed we did.

We introduced a different style of hiphop here in the Philippines back in 2006. We called it LA Style or laidback hiphop. It was a trending genre in the US (you know GenTwo or Kaba Modern?). But the local hiphop was quite different. So it was a gamble for us. Good thing the hiphop community welcomed our style well. And thus, Erik Javier and Louie Canaria, and even Thea Baraquio (our main choreographers) were born. They created some noise in the Philippine hiphop scene.


We were so unique back then that people always watch out for our performance. Or so we felt. (Haha... feeling!)

So that was then. we only aimed to get noticed, to create an impression. And now? We're aiming for the win (No, I'm not part of the team anymore). In the past few years we've been aggressively aiming for that. Until Gatsby. CHAMPIONS, baby!!! I couldn't be any more proud.

I know this will just be the start. Tonight our kids will again battle their hearts out at Skechers Year 8. And every molecule in my body is ecstatic. It's on hyper mode, dying to get to MOA Arena and cheer for our kids.


Good Luck TEAM!

WHOEVER WINS, I will be proud of you. I mean whoever wins 2nd or 3rd place, I will be proud of you... Champions. :-)

Go for gold!

I'm having issues with uploading photos in blogger, i.e. data storage limit :-(. I will update this post for the photos as soon as I resolve the issue. Ciao.

01 November 2012


Last time I went home to Tagum City, I noticed a few changes. Some were good and some were uhm... neutral.

For the latter, I noticed that my cousins who used to be live with my parents are not there anymore. Since their eldest sister Criscel had finished her degree in Criminology and has now actually found a job as a police officer, they moved out and rented a small place downtown. Criscel wants her two sisters to continue college, thus, they looked for a place right across the university. Our place was relatively far from civilization so it was a sound decision. However, I was just sad for my parents since they now have no one to assist them in the house chores, or in manning the sari-sari store. We also used to have an adopted family member, Bryan, who was also very helpful around the house. However, he moved out as well after he finished some short courses on automotives and also on electronics.


So anyway, there were also good changes.

having a blast with the karaoke, with my aunt Berna and her family :-)
First, Papa was able to finish building and renovating a house in our second lot (right behind our house). It was his project, and he worked on it for a few months.

Papa giving me a tour

the house - ready for occupancy
Papa originally planned to sell the two parcels of land that we own (aside from the one where our house is built), especially as my seaman cousin is very interested in building his house near ours. I opposed Papa though. I told him we might be able to make some steady income out of it. And besides, Land continuously appreciates.


The last time I went to Star City was when I was in Grade 4. I was in elementary school and was still based in Tagum City then. We spent a summer here in Metro Manila to meet in the airport a balikbayan aunt who worked as OFW in Singapore. And while were at it, we dropped by Guimaras for a side trip and spent a couple of days there (very memorable side trip, btw), then went to Angono, Rizal to visit another aunt, and then had a trip to Manila Zoo and Star City with my cousins. :-)

Since I moved to Luzon to study college, I never got the chance to go back to Star City. Maybe because Enchanted Kingdom opened, and it is much much much much nearer to us. Hence, when a good friend of mine Wrej asked me if I could join her in their company Family Day which will be held in Star City, I could only say YES YES YES!

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