26 December 2010


One Tropa hosted an event that I considered as one of the funniest pageants I've ever witnessed, live or on TV. And this one here I witnessed live, thank goodness, I had a really good laugh that evening.

To complete our (Urban Elite's) goal for Q42010 to have at least two gigs, we said yes to the Runway Tagay invitation last December 11; the first gig was at the World Aid's Day celebration in Tomas Morato. So we went there as performers but I and my co-dancer Dr. Edith Lasanas were invited to sit as judges. We said yes, oblivious to the enormity of the fun that was waiting for us that evening.

Just like other pageants, Runway Tagay contestants have to graze the "runway" with three sets of outfits (creative, swimwear, and fashionista). Then the top 8 per gender category (male and female) will then be chosen. All finalists will do a final walk, this time in their formal evening attire. With that, the winners will be determined.

Since it was a runway pageant, the most critical criterion for judging was how good they sashay on the catwalk. The runway design was very narrow, the width could fit only one person, thus every contestant would have to wait for their predecessor to finish before they can start their own walk. The runway was shaped like a letter T and the material was frail, thus the candidates, while trying to impress the crowd with their creative poses, would need to be very careful as they tread.

The Runway

Why was the pageant funny? Well it came with a twist. Whenever a candidate is called onstage, before they do their catwalk, they have to drink alcohol. Hah! That's why it's called Runway Tagay.

First Round: Creative Attire. Three shots of mixed different hard drinks. The contestants were all glamorous, some have capes, some have wings, some glittered and dazzled, literally. Each one has his or her own gimmick to win the crowd's attention. Be it party-poppers, semi-contortionist poses, peculiar accessories, everyone brought something on the runway to show that they want to win this so bad.

Second Round: Swimwear. Another three shots of another set of hard mixes, courtesy of the house bartender. In this round you can see the alcohol's effects setting in as some of the contestants were beginning to show signs of tipsiness. Say hello to nipples, lopsided bulges, and other wardrobe malfunctions.

Third Round: One bottle of beer, bottoms up. Contestants bade sobriety bye bye. A couple of them even barfed on the floor, for all the audience to witness, and for all the other contestants to slip on... gross. Anyway, more wardrobe malfunction occurred. This time however some contestants were even aware of it but they could care less. They just carried on and made fun out of it.

And then there were eight. Per category.

Final Round: Five (!) flaming shots plus one tall glass of cocktail (Tequila Sunrise i think). The event became a drunken carnival. Me and Edith couldn't stop laughing our asses off. Some contestants were too drunk to even stand, much less do the runway. Some weren't able to finish their drinks. Some took off their shoes. And some either wobbled, slipped, or fell from the runway. What made me laugh harder was the fact that each contestant continued to beam at the audience, flashing their sweetest drunken smile, and fighting for that last ounce of sobriety, or consciousness to some, still hoping to impress the crowd. Man, it was a hilarious scene, you should have seen it yourselves.

Well anyway, the night ended with One Tropa announcing the winners. I wasn't able to take pictures at this point and I didn't even care who won. I was so full and satisfied and I knew that my night has been completed. Edith and I took off after we got our tokens, yummy biscuits from Marcs & Spencer.

I can't wait to watch Mr. and Ms. Runway Tagay 2011. Hope we'll be invited again.


Wait, if I'm not mistaken, the names of the crowned Mr. and Ms. Runway Tagay are Sigmar and Ella. Congratulations!


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