13 December 2010


This weekend was a blast for me. I got less sleep as I was out having fun three nights in a row. Just now, I finished watching Repertory Philippines' adaptation of Louisa Mae Alcott's Little Women. The show was unbelievably great, the performers were sublime, and the set was just cunningly designed. Not to mention the well-executed classic atmosphere, nostalgic of the best-selling novel, which was put together by the director Menchu Lauchenco-Yulo. The outcome? High-level finesse and artistry, and a sincere standing ovation from the audience. The show ran for two weeks, and sad to say, the one I witnessed was the final run. You may visit their website though for more info.

the ticket

The other two events I was in deserve individual entries as there were a lot of stories to tell. But since I'm too sleepy now and I still have work tomorrow, I'll just mention the two events. Saturday night, I was a judge and one of the guest performers in the Runway Tagay 2010. Friday night, the biggest of the trio feat, was our company's Christmas party. It was one hell of a night for me, and that's all I can say for now.

Good night.


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