19 April 2012


Can I just express my disappointment? I just learned that I failed only one exam in the proficiency tests in MS Finance. /*Trivia: To get in the program, one would need to submit complete documents, pass the Graduate Program Admission Test or GPAT, get through the interview (for some), and pass the proficiency tests in Accounting, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, and Mathematics of Finance*/ I failed the Accounting part. :(

It's quite acceptable though as I never took Accounting lessons in college. Not even as an elective. :( However, I have a few knowledge on the subject due to my role in my previous job, which involves analysis of financial statements. But that was not enough to let me pass the exam. And what's more depressing is the fact that I was 3 correct items short from passing the test. Three friggin' items! How unlucky.

On the brighter side though, there is a re-take next month. And I would only need to take Accounting this time. Plus, UP College of Business Administration offers review sessions before the re-take. I would just need to pay for the "workshop" for P4000, which by the way is the reason why I'm here in Diliman instead of being in the office. And then, I'll just show up in the review classes, which have 10 3-hour sessions, and most of which fell on weeknights. Oh yeah! Imagine the adventure I'll be having in my MRT trips, and bus and jeepney queues. And those are after I become drained from daily office work. Yay!

Three friggin' items!

But seriously, I'm glad I passed the other four. I just saved meself P4000, and the additional effort in preparing for the re-exam. Thank you, God! :)


By the way, from now on I'd be seeing more of this...

And this...


Kookai said...

Awww! Mao ning imong gipaspasan? God bless!

Drew Callous Boy said...

Congratulations sa duha ka exam nga imong gi-pass! :D im sure kayang kaya na ang retake

LONEWULF said...

Thanks Tot! Actually, katong mga gi-wiris wiris ra nako kay napasa tanan. First exam ang accounting. 60 lang akong score, 66 ang passing. Na-sad ko. But anyway, okay na pud. Naisip nako kelangan nakog substantial knowledge sa Accounting para magsurvive sa class proper.

Thank you, Drew! Yup, I'll pass one way or another. Hehe

minomarimat said...

God bless with the future MS plans kuya No! :)

LONEWULF said...

Aww.. Thanks minnowz! And congrats to you. You just finished yours. Weeeee!! Balik ka na dito sa Maynila? Hehehe

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