11 April 2012


Welcome to Earthland, Paolo!

The lenten season revealed to be a memorable time for us as my Aunt Nene, who lives in Parañaque, gave birth to his second son on Holy Tuesday. It was a healthy, good-looking baby boy named Gil Paolo.

To be honest, I was a bit euphoric. I felt like I just had a new brother (Background: I never had a sibling. Yes. My life is sad). I'm sure my tito, who is currently water-borne (he's a seaman), will be jumping on his feet when he sees the pictures we posted on Facebook. :)

Auntie Nene and Paolo

Paolo's big brother, Brian

Auntie Bein

The siblingless learns how to hold a baby

This is a happy occasion for all of us.

To Baby Paolo, welcome welcome. May you grow into a fine boy who values family. :)


Kookai said...

Bico tambok kaayu ka. Hahahaha. Lubb yow

LONEWULF said...

Bagang. As in? Dili pa gud kita diha akong tiyan. Wahahaha! 4 months na ko walay sayaw tot. :(

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