24 April 2012

Kimchilandia Chronicles: Day 3 – EVERLAND
Kimchilandia Chronicles – Chronological recounting of Lonewulf’s great Korean adventure.
Monday, 12 March 2012
It was Day 3 of our trip and we were scheduled to go to EVERLAND!

Arigato, Shortstride, and Lonewulf --> Happiness

Korevia # 4 When in Korea, it would be a sin not to visit Everland. Everland is a huuuuge amusement park that features not only the usual theme park rides but also some animal shows, exhibits, and restaurants. They even have a separate water resort (with indoor diving pools!) called the Caribbean Bay.  --- Everland is owned by Samsung (surprise!). Yes, that mobile giant that is currently the second largest mobile producer in the world. Apparently, it has businesses in different industries in Korea

By the way, Everland is not in Seoul. It is in Yongin, a city located south of Seoul.

In Korea, Samsung is known as one of those what they call a chaebol. Same with other 'familiar' brands LG, Hyundai, Lotte, Kumho, et cetera. A chaebol is like a business conglomerate, and most of its type in Korea are family-owned. This is very similar to the Philippines’ Ayala group (owner of BPI, Globe, Ayala Land, Philamlife, Manila Water, etc.), or Henry Sy family (SM malls, SM real estate, BDO, Chinabank, etc.).

And before I bore you with these random info, I’ll proceed in posting our pictures on Day 3.

Before Everland

Again, first part of the day was devoted to our photoshoot. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, the intention behind a huge chunk of our photos was to document our winter outfits. lol

Pagkalabas na pagkalabas ng bahay... *snap*


Pagkababa ng Everland shuttle... *Snap*

Purchasing tickets
By the way, to get discounts (from 40,000KRW to 37,000KRW per head, hmmm not bad) print the discount voucher for foreign visitors available in their website. Genius me forgot to do this, thus no discount for us.

Maps in English and Korean; Available at the entrance

the map, with legend at the back

Let the fun begin!

restaurants inside - we didn't bother going in

I hate mascots, but these guys are friendly (pero creepy pa rin hehe)

Non-fatal rides

First up, the Rotating House
Let me tell you a funny story in the Rotating House. Before the ride starts they will play a voice over (in Korean and then in English) on house rules. I wasn't really paying attention so I missed the part where it was not allowed to take photos inside. The result? This picture...

A snapshot inside the Rotating House
I was pretty amazed of what's going on inside so I wanted to document it. However, when  I checked the photo, it was dark. One could barely see a form. So I changed the settings on the phone and added a flash. Voila!

Arigato, captured inside the Rotating House
At this point, a voice over in Korean interrupted the people's screams in the house. We didn't really understand what she said, but Arigato and Shortstride swore she was telling me off because I was taking photos inside. *Lonewulf bows down in shame*

At the 4D Adventure - nice experience, 3D + tactile stimuli. And one of the main characters is named Snoel.  Riiiiight.

Next up is the Global Village - it is a boat ride where you get to see moving dolls wearing costumes of different countries 
Us on a boat :)

German dolls

British denizens

Italians on gondolas

I believe this is Brazil





and of course... Korea

Lakas maka-Janggeum o

Although some, if not most, of the rides were closed we were still able to have the funnest fun. Just like in this ride which is very similar to Enchanted Kingdom's Log Jam where we got really wet. Haha. No pics of that, though. Too bad.

Wild rides  =  F-U-N

Off to the wild(er) rides!

the Racing Coaster

Let's Twist!

Nakakahilo, haha

Double Rock Spin - this activated Shortstride's vertigo, thus her refusal to ride the next one, Hurricane!
I guess Shortstride's vertigo was a 'blessing in da skies'. We got to have a lot of pics in the Hurricane because of it.

Japan Japan!

The T-Express
By the way, it shames me to share this, but when we arrived in Everland, I was so silent. I wasn't excited and I wasn't really riding along my companions' perkiness. Shortstride was even afraid I was in a foul mood. Little did she know it was just the nervousness swallowing me up. Ever since I saw that YouTube video of the T-Express ride that Shortstride email us a few weeks before the trip, I was dreading the thought of riding it. I mean I knew that I would have to ride the coaster (that's for sure, since I can't really tell when I will get the chance to go back to Korea), but I don't know if I could muster enough guts to actually bring myself to ride it voluntarily.

I even joked about them having to drag me to the coaster before we could get to ride it, which btw was not entirely a joke. I was hoping they would just bully me into doing it.

Korevia # 5  Since 2008, Everland houses one of the few wooden roller coasters in the world, T-Express, which was created by Intamin. It is the 1st of its type in Asia and is currently the world’s steepest wooden coaster (at 77 degrees), breaking New Jersey’s El Toro by 1 degree. It is currently the highest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in South Korea.

image from www.themeparkreview.com

image from www.koreana.wordpress.com
Okay, enough scaring ourselves. Whew! So moving on, I'd like to share with you a secret on how to trek the vastness of Everland with more ease... HUMAN SKY!

the Human Sky

More pictures at the park

Nag-aaway na naman yata sa mapa

This is Aphrodite and this segment here is called, Spiting the Olympians. lol

Lonewulf as Pallas Athena

Lonewulf as (was that) Poseidon (?)

I so love this strip

This here evidences how short Shortstride's strides are

Closing time

Human Sky for the last time

To be honest, even with half of the rides closed, we still did not manage to visit all attractions in Everland. Dale was right, we should have been there early morning.

Korevia # 6 - Everland is a 100-hectare amusement park which features 5 sub-themes, namely Global Fair, ZooTopia, European Adventure, Magic Land, and American Adventure. My rough assessment is that it is 4-5x as large as Enchanted Kingdom. So yes, it is imperative to BE THERE VERY EARLY if you want to maximize the experience. Dale couldn’t emphasize this enough, and God knows we tried. (It was a weekday, so Dale can’t accompany us because he has work).

We arrived just before lunch, and yeah, we missed a lot of attractions, like the animal shows! What a shame. As the old adage goes, 'nasa huli ang pagsisisi'.

But fret I will not. I still did get to enjoy so much in this day. Everland is a wonderful wonderful place and I will definitely come back here if fate permits. :)

what a cute kid



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