07 April 2012


A few days back, I bought a new pair of headphones for my old mobile Sony Ericsson W395, and I was glad that I did since I am again able to listen to the radio. This was one the drawbacks of iPhone, it doesn't feature a radio tuner. And you know, radio can be a very good solace in times of great office stress. *grin*

So anyway, I was really glad to have again my morning and afternoon doses of my favorite radio station, Jam 88.3. Of course, it's the only station I tune in to, and the only one in the metro that actually has sensible jocks and radio shows.

I noticed there were a lot of changes...

...like the absence of Hilary Isaac in the morning show (Trivia: the 6-9am timeslot is like the morning primetime of the airwaves. It was used to be conquered by Hilary, Lambert, and Migs, via The Big Breakfast Show. And then by Hilary and Scottie.). I reckon she is now on leave to take care of her newborn.

Despite the changes around the programs, I noticed one thing that remained the same. It is this particular commercial, err.. sound clip that I have been hearing in Jam before. And now that I have my radio back, I found out that it is still on.

And that's why I created this entry - to share with you this humorous radio commercial. Here it goes:

Welcome to Radio 911

For the delusional, press an imaginary number

For the paranoid, please press 191 and repeat if you think you need to

For the obsessive compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly

For the schizophrenic, please wait & the voice will tell you what to do

For just about any other problem or all of the above, please press 8-8-3. Radio 911. Where you call for emotional emergencies.

Hrmmm... I think the experience is a lot better if you actually heard the commercial on radio. But anyway, I just wanna say, if you sick of ugly overrated music, try Jam 88.3. Or you may also visit their website at www.jam883.fm.

Cheers y'all!

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Kookai said...

Hilary quit the show. She returned after giving birth but after a few weeks, resigned altogether.

LONEWULF said...

Hala mao ba? That sucks. I'm gonna miss her voice. :( And her Spanish 101. :) She's one of those very cultured people, and she's very graceful on air.

Anyway, galisten pid diay kag Jam tot? I really love this station. Kataw-anan kaayo sila. Hehe Unya murag okay pud ang combi ni Show, Scotty, ug Sasha. :)

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