27 April 2011


In the 4th of March I processed my passport as I had already acquired my DOST clearance.

I requested for a regular processing of my passport, i.e. 25 working days. However, no passport showed up on the 26th day, neither on the 27th. I started to worry as there might had been issues encountered in the processing of my passport. Was my name not cleared properly from the watchlist? Was it because of the NBI thing that I was worried about? Before my paranoia solidifies I called up my courier service provider. They confirmed that there were no problems with my passport approvals as DFA would have called me if there was. They assured me not to worry as they were pretty sure that there were just delays in “printing” the passport. The DFA has been encountering printing delays for some time now, thus, backlogs and follow up calls became as common as sunlight.

The following week, I received this parcel.

Containing these...

Now that’s another huge thorn removed from my chest, plus another crossed out entry in my 2011 Laundry List. Sweet!

And with all the sound my vocal cords could muster, I holler...



Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! Sama ka na sa SG namin nila Nie sa end of Aug.
No, mukhang tulisan sa passport pic mo. Di bale gwapong tulisan naman. :))

LONEWULF said...

haha.. shiyet mukha palang tulisan!

Ate Chie - I'd love to! Kaso naka-book na ako for Davao, last weekend of August. hrmmm... Tsaka wala pang budget eh. ipun ipon muna aker. =)

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