25 April 2011


Android No. 18
At the start of 2010, I lost my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic when I went for a night out alone. That night I bar hopped from posh L.A.X. in Pasay to more bourgeois bars in Malate. I partied hard, got drunk, and benevolently handed my mobile phone to a nameless entity. Gawd, I couldn’t even remember where I lost my phone. I didn’t even know if I was robbed or if the gadget simply slipped off my pocket.

Anyway, after the long grieving, I swore to myself I’ll get a good replacement phone; something that I really wanted so that I’ll take good care of it. Back then, I had decided to shift from Nokia to Sony Ericsson as I figured out that S.E. hardware is more durable, camera is better, plus the user interface is a lot more hip than that of Nokia. Every bit of any S.E. unit is surely worth my fortune.

I searched the S.E. website looking for the perfect unit for me. I was eyeing Vivaz when suddenly this not-yet-out-in-the-market (then) phone caught my attention. It was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. It was love at first sight. <3 I was attracted mainly to its sleek appearance, large screen, cool slide transitions, and the fact that it already runs on Android OS (whatever that means).

Since then I couldn’t stop raving about the model. I could hardly stop myself from grabbing strangers by the collar and yell, “You should buy X10!”

I had also made clear to everyone I know that I will purchase a unit before the year ends. On 2010 Christmas I should already be using an Xperia X10. That was the dream. With that I started saving up. I knew it will be a tough task for me as (1) the phone was expensive, and (2) I am not exactly the frugal type. Luckily, I was able to save up, but sadly, I used all of it when I quit my job last August and became a bum for two months. *frown*

So when 2010 ended, I didn’t get a new phone.

January, my birthday month, came. Just when I was about to let go of the dream (by starting to eye HTC units), I came across an ad in sulit.com (Manila’s version of craigslist) of a pre-loved X10 unit being sold for a little over half the price. I just couldn’t pass that up. I pooled cash through borrowing from friends, and then purchased my birthday gift to myself. It was of good condition, with an upgraded OS, and a still valid warranty.

With this, I crossed out another entry in my Laundry List, i.e. to purchase an Android phone. Yay.

/*I am looking at posting an entry on a dummy guide to Android OS, or at least an explanation for the non-techie (from a non-techie) of what the rave was all about. Hope I can squeeze that in soon. Also, after months of using X10, I am now considering selling it and purchasing HTC Desire, maybe because of the lack of upgrade to Froyo of my current phone. Don't understand why I'm talking about food in a gadget topic? Wait for my next Android entry. (sniggers)*/

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