21 April 2011


Being the cheapskate that I am, I always opt... Wait, I am no cheapskate! I just don't have a lot of money, that is.

So anyway, I grew up with just enough money to get by plus perhaps a little extra for the "wants". Thus, here I am now, a person who more often than not opts for middle goodies, i.e. average-priced with average quality.

With this, I would like to share how I got my summer beach look for less than 700 bucks.

First, you need to go to a place where you can get the garments that you pictured in mind. In my case, Market! Market! I went straight ahead to the supermarket and saw a lot of choices right away. Since it's Summer, more than half of the display are beach outfits.

First up, board shorts. Lucky me, I found a nice pair at the Maui & Sons. (Read) On Sale!
Tip: Even when you're out of budget, do not skip the pricey lane, as they might have items on sale.

350 pesos
Next is the top. There was an endless array of options actually, but when I saw this one from a brand called Nautilus, I grabbed it right away.

120 pesos
Last is the flops. Normally, I would have opted for Banana Peel, rightly priced luxury. However, I bought from a brand called Reva. The rubber is less comfy but the extra bucks I was able to conserve was worth the reduced comfort.

120 pesos (?)
There. I just bought me-self a nice set of beach garments. Wheeepeee!


And since I had spare cash to spend, I bought a set of undergarments as well.



Truth is, for the past weeks I had been shuffling only two briefs. They're all I have left. Thus I really need to purchase these. 3 + 1 at Walker. Comfortable to wear, good quality, inexpensive. Priced at P199 to P229 apiece. Ergo, ~P600 for the quadruple. Neat, eh?


purplegoddess30 said...

Good buy Noei!
Me likey the boxers & the briefs *blushes* Ang kayuuut! i wanna get one for me. hahaha

LONEWULF said...

Thanks, Ate Chie! I'll try to find a pair that would fit you. =)

By the way, kelan ka uwi? Uwi din ng pinas si kuya ky soon. sabi ko sana magpang-abot kayo tas get-together lahat ng thunders para maramdaman ko ulit pagiging bunso. hehehe

purplegoddess30 said...

sige ha! sabi mo yan. :))

end of august dating til end of sept. kelan ba uwi si KY? bwahaha. ang ganda ng reason mo para sa get-together. lol anjan na rin daw si cacay?

LONEWULF said...

i heard.=) nabanggit yun ni bubwit minsan na pauwi nga raw si puti. hrmm...

mukhang di kayo magpang-abot ni k.ky. pauwi na yata sya dito soon, eh six weeks lang daw sya. hayun.

Noni said...

nice boxer briefs i really like the the blue one(topmost).;p

LONEWULF said...

@Noni - Hahaha.. i know why.

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