11 May 2011


Another entry in my 2011 Laundry List is to travel to at least two local destinations that I’ve never been to before. And this summer, I had accomplished ½ of that by visiting Puerto Galera.

It has been planned a long long time ago. However, my (original) companions cancelled last minute. They thought perhaps that uttering “I can’t come” on the week of the trip, is as cool as saying “It’s warm today,” or “My feet looked clean”.

Anyhow, I decided to push with the trip. And luckily, my “brod” Xan and his S.O. told me 12 hours before the trip, that they wanted to join me. Brilliant!

the ticket booths
the vessel
approaching Sabang Beach
Sabang Beach

my bed at Sabang Inn

kitchen showcase!

the other bed
They say that if you have already been to Boracay you will not enjoy going to Puerto Galera.

I say, there is quite some truth in what they said.

But I do admit that I did have fun there. It was a nice weekend scene. A charming way to take a break from the busy, stressful metropolitan living.



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