13 March 2011


Last Friday (11 March 2011), the Junior Marketing Association (JMA) of Philippine Christian University (PCU) brought us GUIDANCE: GOD, U and I DANCE - a Benefit Concert. Held at the PCU Gymnasium, Taft, Manila, the concert was a montage of all styles of hiphop dancing, delivered by various dance groups in Manila. My group Urban Elite (alumni members of UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company) was one of the crews that performed that night.
5/6 of the Urban Elite line-up

I was unusually anxious with that performance because it was the first performance of Urban Elite in the presence of the hiphop community. I felt pressured, to be honest, because I want our group to be recognized or at least be remembered after that performance. And what's adding more pressure is being juxtaposed to Jay Mastah, Unschooled, Musiqality, Indayog, etc.

forerunner of Philippine breakdancing, Jay Mastah, with his kid
Urban Elite and Believe Dance Company
my two beautiful daughters in glitzy costumes
The performers:

1. Jay Mastah
2. Pep Squad (PCU, EAC, UDM, JRU, Lyceum)
3. FNC Dance Crew
4. UA1
5. Believe Dance Company
6. PUP Common Class
7. Musiqality
8. UP Manila Indayog Dance Varsity
9. Unschooled
10. PH Crew
11. Krumpinoy
12. Pinoy Funkin' Styles
13. LPU Wildstyle Crew
14. Philippine House Dance Community
15. Fligh
16. Urban Elite
17. Collab Crew
18. PCU Street Dance Crew

our certification
Us kidding that the event was a competion and that we won
Anyhow, the night ended nicely. What I like about the hiphop community is that everyone is in good terms with each other. No competitions, no disgust, no superiority complexes. It's good to be a part of this movement. All good vibes. All for the love of dancing.

At this point, I would like to thank JMA-PCU for inviting us to peform. More power to you and to your aims! I hope we somehow gave the audience a good show.

And I hope there will be more invites for Urban Elite. :)


celltronics said...

Congrats Jan, walang kupas galing mo parin sa pag dating sayawan.....^-^

kuya Ram,

LONEWULF said...

@Celltronics - Thanks, Kuya Ram! Kabasa diay ka ani blog nako ya? musta na man?

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