09 March 2011


Many weeks ago I marked today’s date in my planner. I tried to save up for this night but the bills just won't stop. I tried to borrow cash from my friends, however, more urgent debts were also due. And now, the date has come.

Tonight is the big night.

Anberlin: Live in Manila.
8:00pm, 9 March 2011
A.Venue Hall, Makati City

Okay, so I give up. No matter how much I talk about it, no matter how much I tell people how I lily-lily-lily want to watch the show, it won't happen. I feel extremely bad because I'm just a thousand bucks away from the show. And I really don’t have it now. Bad timing? Perhaps it’s fate. *frown*

For the whole day (well, ALMOST the whole day) I had my ears watch the radio closely, waiting for my chance to get me some free tickets. Jam 88.3 is giving away six(!) “meet-and-greet(!)-the-band” passes, for your information. So I charged my phone (my radio), pre-loaded my mobile with a hundred bucks, listened to Jam, and waited for my chance to pounce. And by the way, I wasn’t even looking forward to the “meet and greet” part. I’d be happy just seeing them play live and getting to sing along with them and the rest of the fans.

Luck really likes me though. I missed Hilary and Scottie’s Schizo game because I was away preparing my tea. I missed the whole Eric and Miggs Show because I was in a forum. When I turned the radio back on, I just missed Lana’s game in her show, Jaminator. All I heard was her announcing the correct answers in her game, and naming the ugly winner who won the tickets. And that ugly winner had already purchased tickets even before she won the game. Bitch.

At that point I gave up. As I was listening to Roanna's show though, a good turn of events happened. I knew by then that I wouldn't have the chance to watch the concert. However, Roanna featured a guest in her show. It was none other than Stephen Christian, the band's vocalist. Yay! They just flew in the Metro and Christian decided to show up in the radio station to invite the listeners to watch. Yay!

I think that was good enough for me. For now. As for those who have the time and resources, go watch the band tonight at A.Venue Hall, Makati. Trust me, the music is good. You may get your tickets from Ticketworld.

Have a good time!


nOx said...

naamoy ko ang bitterness. hehe

there's always a next time. nung na-miss ko yung concert ni jason mraz at yung book signing ni neil gaiman, halos magpakamatay ako. pero iniisip ko na lang na babalik sila one day.

or baka kidnapin ko na lang sila. whichever goes first. choz!

LONEWULF said...

Nox - oo nga.. ako ang pinakamalusog na ampalaya nung araw na yun. tsk! you familiar with Anberlin's music?

Neil Gaiman! haha.. I only read Anansi Boys. That book made me swear to read all his books before I die.

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