09 March 2011


I was on an unfamiliar ride one day, heading to an unfamiliar destination. I was staring blankly at the unfamiliar streets, when somehow the vehicle I was in passed by a familiar lane. It was your workplace. I have no idea if you’re still with that group as I had cut all my communications with you since 2009.

As the driver steered the jeepney towards your office compound, I saw that gate where I used to wait for you whenever I fetch you after work. Whether I was excitedly waiting for you to come out, or I had my head down because you’ve been ignoring me since I arrived late, I had always used that exact same spot. I noticed that it didn’t change much. I can still see my old self standing there. Staring back at me. And then I felt my heart swell, when it really did not.

So I looked away.

Next thing I knew, I was stretching my neck back and forth, looking through the gates, hoping that I’ll catch a glimpse of you. How do you look these days? Are you wearing a new hairstyle? Or sporting a new colour perhaps? Do you still bring that Oakley bag we purchased at Makati? Do you still wear those white loafers I chose for you at Shoe Salon?

The jeepney passed by the last building, and the streets became unfamiliar again.

The swelling was gone.


Sab said...

Ang sakit naman nito dadi. :(

LONEWULF said...

Sab - sakit nga talaga nak. hehe.. i wrote this while i was in he jeepney, right after the "swell"

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