26 January 2011


Remember my previous entry about a "missed rendezvous"? I said that the reason why I missed that rendezvous was that I had a dance practice with my officemates for a company event. Well, this entry is about that company event.

If you wanna fight me, you're not the brightest... la dee la dee la...
It happened on a Wednesday at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City. What transpired was our company's kick-off party for 2011. Every year we hold such events for our agents and branch managers as a sign of gratitude for helping us drive sales. They were given rewards and recognitions for all their efforts, especially the top performers. I was actually a bit shocked with how generous their remunerations were. I heard that agents with 'better' sales get gadgetry and other must-haves. But the ones with the 'best' sales get (read) all expense paid trips abroad. For 2011, the best agents will have the opportunity to travel to Japan, Jerusalem, Malaysia, Australia, etc. For inquiries on how to become an agent please contact our branch operations admin or dial 884-5595. *grin*

This year the theme was CONQUERING NEW HEIGHTS FOR 2011, and everyone turned up in their Indiana Jones inspired outfit. Most were just clad with a white top and a khaki bottom as suggested by the organizers. But one agent became the event's scenestealer when he turned up dressed just the same, but, has a humungous bunny for a head.

Speaking of scenestealers, I noticed quite a handful that day. Luckily, I was able to take a picture of them:

A bevy of Harajuko girls and cosplayers were the most crowded corner in the tent's lobby.

Harajuko girls

modern Jap culture
I interviewed them when I had the chance, and I was right, the two Harajuko girls were wearing a "Lolita" outfit. Lolita, if I'm not mistaken, is an image of a little girl (or a doll?). Anyway, the cosplayers' characters were inspired from video games that I am not familiar of.

Another scenestealer were the guest performers. The program was opened by foxy belly dancers. Also, Duncan Ramos turned up and had a couple of sessions onstage.

A sexy dance number

Duncan Ramos

The biggest scenestealer in the event was of course, us. *grin* Me, our Marketing SVP, and some other officemates prepared two dance numbers for the event. One was OMG by Usher, and the other was Boom Boom Pow as sung by Duncan live!

Baby let me love you down... there're so many ways to love ya..
My most favorite scenestealer was of course the scrumptious meal. Very thick slab of beef and seafood. I swallowed all my pride and asked for another plate. I even ate what my officemates weren't able to finish. Yay to that! Here is a picture of the meal.

 But, with all those scenestealers, there was one who stood out for me and made me really proud to be a part of the company. It wasn't Mike Enriquez's appearance in the event. It was what he announced. When his name was called, everyone cheered. He went onstage and walked to the mic. He coughed his famous cough and then blurted, "Excuse me po! Pasok!!" Then the backdrop screen (or whatever you call it) rolled a list.. 10. BPI Life.. 9. *some insurance company*... 8. *another life insurance company*... Apologies, I was too caught up with the moment that I failed to remember the exact entries... 6. *company name*..... 5. blah blah.... Everyone started to cheer at this point. Some even started to stand to see a better view of the screen. Me? Goosebumps all over. 3. Sun Life of Canada (?)..... 2. Philam Life....  Everyone stood up! Me? I was literally jumping on my feet! Blood is rushing throughout my entire body.

1. Pru Life UK.

YAY!!! What a good time to join the company. We just became number one this year!

Everyone singing the Pru Life UK song... "We are No. 1"

By the way, before I end this post, someone was really amazed by my dance moves that he didn't pass up the chance to have a photo with me. Who can blame him, it could be his only chance to see me in person. *sniggers*

Me and some guy named Duncan Ramos (?) or something like that


"Hi, Me!" said...

Nice one Kuya! Naa nakay fan...uhm, Duncan toh iya name noh? Haha. ;P

LONEWULF said...

CYRIL! haha.. yup. dunkin or duncan, something like that. :)

Deq Zekker said...

ano yan, required participation ba yang sa dance presentation?

LONEWULF said...

Hi Deq. Nope it's not required. They asked us to perform para matuwa yung mga agents namin. :)

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