10 January 2011


As I was busy reading my Monday morning dose of news, I overheard some of my officemates making sounds of excitement. I craned my neck over my cubicle to check, and I saw that some were crowding on someone's computer. That's when I realized that the moment must have come.

I was in the middle of some article on Pnoy and drug traficking when the long-awaited message popped in my inbox. It was the HR who cascaded the big announcement, as I expected. I was halfway through the announcement when I joined the rest of the company, minus ten, in releasing a sigh and then a shrug. As I expected.

Oh well, someone's gotta win.

my assignment (November 2010)

It was late November last year (or early December?) when each employee receieved a plant. As part of the core values of our company, we are supposed to manifest CARE. Thus we were divided into groups of ten and we were to take care of our assigned plants for more than a month. It was said in the mechanics that the best looking plant in the team will be submitted and judged via pre-set parameters (height, general appearance, etc.). The team who will win will receive tokens plus a paid dinner with the CEO.

Everyone was in competitive mode right away and put their respective plants in sun-kissed areas in the office. Some even took their plants home to be taken better care of.

Luckily I was born with a green thumb. Or at least that's what I thought. If I may mention, I had my own share of pant-growing activities in the past. In primary school, we grew mongo plants in our school backyard as part of our Home Economics project. Also when I was a kid, I used to water all the plants in our garden
(after i scrub the floor) so i can get an extra peso in my daily allowance. <-- sheeesh, i couldn't believe the roster ended there.

Anyhow, I took care of my plant very positive that we will win. I even brought it in my apartment here in Makati so that it will get better air and sunlight while I go away for the vacation. And so off to Davao I went for a week. To be honest, I was a bit worried that I might lose a couple of leaves. So I flooded the pot with as much water as I can before heading to the airport.

When I came back... GAK!

my assignment (January 2011)

So much for believing in a green thumb. I couldn't believe there were only a couple of leaves left. I was too ashamed that I even promised not to bring it back to the office. I just crossed my fingers and hoped that at least one of my team mates have the green thumb.



JasonPaul said...

ay. lol. i didn't even notice the thing anymore after two days.

LONEWULF said...

haha... how could you not? it just rests beside your toiletries. anyway, do remind me to water it every morning so it will stop wilting.

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