21 January 2011


Since I am generally feeling insomniac right now, I'll work on publishing my drafts from last week...


Last Tuesday, I missed a meeting with the Urban Elite because I had a dance practice with my officemates for our company's 2011 kick-off party. By the way, for those who don't know me personally, I dance. Brief background. I've been dancing since I was a kid. In high school I joined a dance club where I got to learn different genres of dances. In college, I joined the hiphop varsity of my alma mater UP Los Banos, i.e. UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company (aka Street Jazz or "clan"). I also had some stints in standard dancesport before I graduated. And after that, I was one of those who pioneered Urban Elite, the alumni leg of Street Jazz. Hmm... I'm thinking of writing a whole different entry in my dancing realm.

So as I said,  I missed my meeting with Urban Elite. And next thing I know, I was appointed as the Membership Committee head. To be honest, I didn't know how to react. It was flattering that they trust me to handle that committe. But also, it was challenging as the position requires hardwork, with emphasis on "hard". It also requires having deeper understanding of all inter-relationships and individual concerns of the members. *sigh* As Shikamaru would have put it, "This is troublesome."

Urban Elite, before the performance at World AIDS Day celebration
Sabrina getting drunk
I missed Urban Elite. Even though I have known these guys since I was a freshman in college, I still miss them. Above is a picture taken right before our performance at the World AIDS Day celebration in Tomas Morato last December. It was a memorable night because we bonded, we went clubbing and partied like there was no tomorrow.

After sweating all our moves in the club, we went straight to he nearest noodle shop to regain sobriety. Or consciousness at least. Little did I know, I was only a few seconds away from having the best noodles I've ever tasted in my entire life. 
San Seh's excellent noodles
Before that night, I never knew that these kind of noodles existed. And I was so glad that we happened upon San Seh's Pulled Noodles. I'll definitely go back to that shop and have another bowl of tasty pulled noodles. Although my roomate, who works in the food industry, told me that these were more commonly called as traditional Chinese noodles.


Also this week, Cebu Pacific launched a new marketing strategy via Facebook. My co-members in Urban Elite were frantic that day as one of us was informed about the airline's "game" just few hours before it was launched. We were all excited to participate as winning the game would mean realising our goal to have a group vacation in Coron, Palawan.

The scheme is like this, one of us would need to register as a host of a 150-seater plane. Once he obtains a plane, he would need to fill the "seats" by inviting his friends to join his flight. The first plane to fill up wins. The prize? All of those who registered in the winning plane will have a real trip to the pre-determined destination, on a pre-set date.

By the way, before I forget, I would like to share how crappy my Cebu Pacific flight was last Christmas. I was on my way to Davao, and I was carrying with me three boxes. First one contains my old CPU, second one is the monitor, and third one contains perfume bottles, alcoholic beverage, and other wrapped gifts that I bought as pasalubong for my relatives and neighbours.

I specifically instructed the lady at the check-in counter to take special care of my baggage, and to label it as fragile. I told her of the contents of each box. I even readily paid around three thousand bucks for the excess baggage. She sweetly smiled and assured me that everything will be fine.

Not everything went fine though. To cut the story short, I was agape when I saw my box on the conveyor belt in Davao airport. It was upturned, leaking with perfume, and like the other two boxes, it had no label that says "Fragile". I filed a complaint right away and the officer (after having a row with me first) assured me a call from their head office within the week to sort things out. Sad to say, I never heard from them. Not even after i followed up on them thru phone AND email.

my box of perfumes with leaks at the top

the airline's new boarding pass will make any grocery receipt look like a piece of art

I am still yet to hear about their explanation. Crap!


Sab said...


Ni wala namang koneksyon sa blog mo! Halaaaaaa! Hahahaha Labyuuu! :)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

airplanes. if only trains were faster.

LONEWULF said...

@sab - o diba nak... bida ka? hahaha... congrats pala sa muziklaban... success!!

@citybuoy - agree. it's too bad i come from the south, have to deal with planes. but on second thought, i never got this crap of a service from PAL, nor zestair. so it must be the airlines. :(

Sab said...

thanks dadi!! pero please remove this pic. wlaang koneksyon sa entry na itooooooo! hahahah!

LONEWULF said...

hayaan mo na nak.. wala naman ako masyadong followers eh.. atin-atin lang to. hehehe

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