26 October 2012


Back when I still had so much extra time, I download all sorts of game apps on my phone (that I find interesting). This I find useful in dodging boredom during jeepney rides, bus rides, mrt rides, elevator rides, #2 moments in the toilet, et cetera. And one of those games that I made an impact on me is Draw Something by OMGPOP. It is an app where you choose a word from a group of three that you will have to describe to another player (someone you know, or someone random from the web who also has the same application in his/her gadget). The catch is, you have to draw your descriptions or clues, a la Pictionary.

I liked playing this game so much because it stirs the creative side of me. And because of that, I created a blog entry before to serve as my “art gallery”. :-)

Anyways, before I became busy with my studies, I was able to craft another collection of artworks via Draw Something. Here they are:

To be honest, I felt proud with some of these. I even surprised myself that I am still capable of using colors. :-)

Until then, Draw Something!


P.S. My boss, who is also an artsy person, offered to give me her set of acrylic paints since she barely uses them now. She learned that I have this curiosity to try painting on a canvas – I have only tried painting/sketching on paper, and have only used charcoal, crayons, oil pastel, and watercolour. Anyhoo, I’m quite excited to get my hands on it! Hopefully I’ll find time to paint during our term break in April-May (very far into the future pa no?). :-)


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