07 October 2012


Kimchilandia Chronicles – Chronological recounting of Lonewulf’s great Korean adventure


If you are under 18, or have a weak heart, please do not proceed on reading this entry.

I am actually warning you. See those cartoon characters they used on their entrance booth? Definitely not for kids.

HEY! Why are you still reading? Didn't I tell you to leave this page?


There. Don't say I didn't warn ya

Okay, so you're really curious huh? Come have this trip... at your own risk.


What a surprise! A huge stone penis welcomes you to the park. LOL. And I thought I understood Korean humor pretty well.
 Shortstride's bladders were about to burst as we entered, so to the loo she went first.

Check that handle! Haha

It's a chair resembling an inverted half-of-a-woman

queer faucets

Our favorite "ate" in the whole park

Kidding aside, this piece is very artistic.

Kickin' some balls!
Underwater "choink"

What are you exactly staring at, Shortstride?

Ready for some hot kangkangan

If I were you, I wouldn't play with that fountain

See? It's a giant penis. 

Giant 'bubelya'

Neither Arigato nor Shortstride dare accompany me in this shot. Haha

Eww! This is the filthiest.

it actually moves, if you press that white button

Gosh, I can't believe I was harassed at the sight of these

Figurines! And now we are approaching my most embarrassing moment abroad. IN her comment in my previous post, Shortstride coerced me to not exclude this story in my Loveland post. Drrsscchh...

Okay, here we are.

The last two images are actually adjacent and it shows two rooms. One occupied by a couple doing the nasty-nasty, and the other one by boys who appear to be taking a break from playing cards and eavesdropping at the couple next door.

When I was in high school, we used to play with this deck of cards full of images of naked women. Someone sneaked it in our school dormitory (Yeah, our batch was one of the most notorious the school has ever had). So I was curious if the figurine boys were also playing the same kind of naughty cards. I tried to peek but couldn't see it. So I tipped my head nearer for a better view. THUG!

My forehead bumped into the glass. Sheeesh... The gallery was really quiet so the sound I made surprised a huddle of ajummas few feet away from me. When they realized what happened, they bursted into giggles, pointing their hands at me, blabbering joyfully in Hanggul. That's when Shortstride came back to check what the ruckus was about. And then she saw the forehead print I left on the glass and giggled too. When Arigato followed right behind her, she ushered him away instructing him to pretend they didn't know me.

Jeeez! Very embarassing. :-(

To add insult to injury, we later had multiple other encounters with that crowd of ajummas in the park. And in all those encounters they blabbered and giggled and pointed at me. They even walked in on me having a picture with a naked sculpture, posing as if having sex with it. Argh! And right before we left, we saw them by the exit, sharing the story with their other companions, and they all laughed when they saw us hailing a cab.





Greek - Waagh! It's a fawn

Japan - Shortstride liked this best, it's passionate and it's the least, how should I call it, lascivious?

miniature favorite "ate" in the entire park

turn the lever to be entertained

Woah! Acrobatic.

The different penis species

wooden and twin

penis and flower in one

the robot penis

the longest penis

Shortstride resting on an ongoing menage-a-trois

Definitely not for kids. But all in all, it was a one-of-a-kind experience. A definite must-visit in Jeju. That's if you are not too uptight about the theme. :-)


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