07 October 2012


Kimchilandia Chronicles – Chronological recounting of Lonewulf’s great Korean adventure

Christo Redenter
Yup, that's right. It is the Christ the Redeemer statue. But nope, we were not in Rio de Janeiro (how I wish we're there). Actually, we were in Jeju Soingook Miniature Theme Park. It features miniature versions of some of the most famous architectures, landmarks, et cetera around the world.

See? It's just a miniature version.
Anyway, please enjoy viewing our trip to the Soingook Miniature Park. :-)

First to greet you is a couple of headless flight attendants. Honestly, I have no idea how these are called but I often see this in theme parks or in theaters.

How do you call these things? Cutouts? 

Shrek & friends :-)

Is this Wondergirl?

Smurfs! Shortstride almost went ballistic. I actually can't relate. I haven't seen the movie. Or was this a TV show?

And now for the miniature models of some global structures...

I'm not really sure what this is. I'll only identify those that I can.

Is that a diplodocus? Haha... tough one. I'll start with the next

The Pyramids of Egypt

Gawsh, I just realized I'm so poor at this. Is that the St. Peter's Basilica? Nope, I don't see a dome. Haha 

This reminds me of the Ankor Wat, but I think it's something else.


Shortstride with something

Oh! This one's the Eiffel Tower. HA!

Look how realistic this model is

And another one.

And a combi of Lonewulf and Shortstride. Is it obvious where we're heading next?  To PARIS! (wishful thinking)

Is that the Namdaemun?

Taj Mahal

Something Western

Something pagoda-ish

I'm guessing this is the Forbidden City

Great Wall of China

a throne hedge

Novita and Doraemon

Shortstride being chummy with an arachnid and a flying mammal

with Super Mario


Awww... my good friend Wrej will love this bench. :-)

Mt. Rushmore

Outposing Shortstride

some Korean palace I guess

Arc de Triomphe

Greek structure

Again, outposing Shortstride (haha). 

Siddharta Gautama


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