21 October 2012


Not a few people cried the moment they learned about Wymer's health condition. Much more when he passed away a short period later. To most of us, it was a mere couple of days from the moment we learned about his illness to his passing away.

Jorell Wymer Sagenes is one of those people you'd consider yourself lucky to get to know with. He's that big goofy guy with big dance moves, and with an even bigger heart. He has a ready smile and an ever-sincere attitude, and it is plain impossible not to like him. That's why, even if we were involved in the past in a sort-of falling out as a dance crew, I was still very affected when I learned about his condition. Most of us were.

It was sudden. And heartbreaking. And it was all over in a few. We drank the night away to cope with the incident. As if the pain we feel was close to how his best buds and his family feel.

* * * * * * *    

A week later, people are still mourning. And celebrating. And praying that he'll have a joyful journey returning to the arms of our Creator.

And me? Well, I just want to write about it because Wymer is a special person who I believe should not be forgotten.

Bon voyage, Wymer! May you have a fun time dancing with the angels up there. :-)


p.s. both pics were stolen from Facebook


Joyce said...

Ohmigosh, I didn't know! He was my batchmate from devcom. RIP Wymer.

sharz kptid ni wymer.. said...

ngyn q lng to nbasa.. mag 1yr na agad sa oct.14 na wala xa..pro lgi lng xang nsa paligid.. salamat po syo sa pag sulat nito. :) lhat tyo miss xa..at he wont be 4gtn..dun aq cgurado.. :)

April Flores said...

I just knew about this and its been 2 more years. RIP Wymer.. :(

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