11 December 2011

LOMA 305

Remember that entry about my free Starbucks coffee? If yes, do you also remember the reason why I had been hanging out in coffee shops at that time?

me and Pisay/Elbi tropa after Red Box session at GB

Yup, I was studying for an exam. Well, it was for a certification in my current industry, and most people in the office are taking it. Anyways, the results are in, and guess what, I PASSED! Yay!

*happy happy dance*

It’s not like it meant something at the moment. It’s a series of 10 exams and this is just the first one. To be honest, I didn’t expect I would pass because I crammed big time. But God is really good. YAY!

LOMA 305 – Personal Financial Planning COMPLETED


Sab said...

Yeyyyy! Congrats dadi!! What a nice Christmas Gift!

LONEWULF said...

Thanks nak! Weeeeee *more happy dance*

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