10 December 2011



Finally, I was able to find some time to post this. The last installment of the W.O.C.D.T. series. :)

To complete our Bora activities, we allowed ourselves to be submerged was that 15? feet below sea-level, and had a one-of-a-kind experience of playing with some fish.

excited crowd riding a small banca going to the diving site

the cottage where the diving happens

o, pichur muna bago lunod

right after wearing the (heavy!) helmet, you may start descending; of course with assistance

The helmet serves as your oxygen source. And oh, don't worry about its weight, buoyancy will make it a hundred times lighter.

Just a couple of tips: While underwater, blow through your ears every once in a while to balance your body pressure. And, do not tilt the helmet sideways. That's suicide.

'Amazing' would be an understatement. It was like being surrounded by a National Geographic show. Only the fish were real, and we are actually feeding them on the seabed.
the boundary of our graze

"O Mare, kamusta na si Junjun?". "Ayos lang, ayun tumataas na ulit ang grades sa school."

Looking at these pictures again made me want to go back there. Right now!

For around Php300-400 per head, this one's the best deal among all the Bora activities that we did.

playing with the water after diving
I realized just now we were swimming in an open sea

scaredy Roy needs floating aid

frolicking some more

attempting jump shots on water
underwater shots

By the way, the package also includes a documentation of the activity, all saved here:

Here's a copy of the video.

Dive now!


Chie said...

waaaaaaaaaah!!!! imissyou guys. let's go back.

over-exposed ang aking mga unsightly bulges and curves. lol

LONEWULF said...

Ate Chie - sorry sorry haha.. Tara let's go back there! Like now na!

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