13 October 2011

ADVENTURESOME: Wakeboarding in Davao City - The Real Deal

At the start of the year, I posted about my wakeboarding adventures in Davao. It was funny because I did NOT really participate in such activity at that time due to unfortunate reasons (read the blog linked in the previous sentence), and yet a lot of people /*mostly strangers I assume*/ visited that page, perhaps to gather some info about wakeboarding in Davao City. I know that for a fact because that post is the #5 most popular post in this entire blog -- see right panel for proof. *grin* I imagine the horror on their faces when they finished reading my post and not getting any relevant info.

So anyway, here's the real deal. Before August ended, me and my friends went to Deca Wakeboard Park, which is located at Deca Homes Resort Residences, Tacunan, Davao City. It's just a couple of miles away from my high school campus in Mintal, Davao City.

For those who are interested to wakeboard, I believe these are the rates:

Whole Day - Php 1,000
Half Day - Php 700

Davao Residents

Whole Day - Php 700
Half Day - Php 500

Deca Homes Residents

Whole Day - Php 500
Half Day - Php 300
the park

As you will see in the images below, wakeboarding involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water, while being towed by a “cable system”, or in other cases, a motorboat. Don’t be fooled by the looks of the people in the pictures. These are pros. Wakeboarding is actually much harder than it looks, that’s why it easily passed as an extreme sport.

boards are strategically placed in some parts of the "track" to allow wakeboarders to do some aerials

you can also ride in twos

and if you're REALLY skilled like this guy, you can do some aerials even without using the board

you can even hold the handle with a single hand

Exhilarating, right?

I was overly excited to try the sport, however my friends spoiled the whole point when they told me they're not doing it. My bestfriend Sybil has her period and did not feel like getting wet and all. Luningning and Jed apparently have some physical constraints. Grrr...

So I was left alone. Well not technically, but, having the four of us try the sport altogether would have made all the difference in the whole experience. At that moment, I did not feel like doing the activity at all. But for the spirit of sports, I had the beginners' briefing and then I pitched myself in the queue.

the launch pad

the staff are willing to assist you and they will give pointers on the correct posture

the queue

If you aren't too successful with your launch, this is what happens. Swash!

Jed and me; guess my name!

Sybil and Luningning

No smile can hide the terror, Am quite nerbyos
I figured why I felt betrayed when I learned that my friends are not participating. Doing it alone meant I am the only one who will be exposed to the risk of failing -- or falling, whichever term you like better. And besides they will have the opportunity to document my failures. Tsk.

But what the hell, I really want to try this. So I just shrugged my shoulders an told myself, 'Whatever! I'll just do all the Dos and avoid all the Don'ts. I'll deal with the humiliation later.'

for beginners, start doing it on your knees
you would need to complete 3 revolutions and pass through certain paths marked by buoys

I didn't expect I'd nail it on the first try. Yeahboi!
proud wakeboarder
posin' like a pro
I tried to take the experience a notch higher by doing the semi-standing position. And Swash I went. I did another attempt... SWASH!

Nah, don't ask for the pics, they're shameful. And besides, you would see not me, but a large splash of water. I wasn't nailing the launch, and besides, my arms were too fatigued at that point. I wasn't disappointed though. I had a good time. And I will definitely nail that next level when I come back in December.

FB scheme: I was supposed to post this image on my wall and tag myself (lol), but I forgot to do it -- it's too late now, Tsk


Wake Boarding said...

This is such an experience. I am an enthusiast like you and I could never imagine my life without it. My sister's friend is a Filipina and I hope to see Philippines soon.


LONEWULF said...

Thanks, Johan. Do you wakeboard as well? Maybe you can teach me some tricks. :)

Btw, from where are you? You should visit Philiippines some time.

Zumi Embiado said...

Wow! No doubt, Davao is Davao.:) Glad I found this post because I am looking for a place were wakeboard is suitable even though I don't know how wakeboard :D. I will refer this to my friend also. Thank you.

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