19 October 2011


To complete my Davao Extreme Adventure Weekend (ching!), I and my friends Jed, Sybil, Lesele, and Luningning went to Diversion Road to zipline! We chose Outland Adventure over Zipcity because we heard that Outland has a longer trail. Also, they have a double trail, plus you may opt to zip the line by doing a “Superman position”, i.e. prone position (lying face down) with arms spread sideways or at the front as if mimicking a flying Superman.

Me <-- all geared up for the zip

Me and my bestfriend Sybil being assisted in wearing our zipline gears
Sybil ecstatic to do the zip for the first time

the first trail

holding on to the costly flops

I'm not new to ziplining as I had my first try with another batchmate Bea Kahulugan a couple of years back. So this one's supposed to be an easy jump, except that the guy tied me in Superman position without my knowledge. And when I realized this, it was already too late (yawa si kuya gi-pressure ko). So, as what happened in my first time, the first quarter of the trip was dedicated to the long AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!

View after landing from the first jump

"Imma do that Superman thing too!", Sybil thinks.

view (of Davao City) from the top

The second trail

Not afraid anymore?

the look of joy

boyfriend taking pictures like a huge fan

Lesele, Me, Sybil, Luningning

you may choose to do the trampoline instead if you're too scared to zipline



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Across from The GAP Farm
Davao City, Philippines

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