20 October 2011


This was supposed to be ‘part 3’ of my Adventuresome series, the Zorbing bit. BUT...

the zorb
wanderlusts - loitering in the airport parking

the zorb atop the hill

the fenced path

When we got there, we discovered that the facility was closed for the day. Blargs! But since the wind was beautifully stroking our faces, we decided to stay for a while.

And take pictures.
Lesele, Jed, Sybil, and Syb's BF Ron

Jumpshots even.

And when we got tired of air-posing, we decided to drive to the airport, and purchase duty-free goodies. Weeeeeeeee!! I <3 Davao. You can go anywhere, and do anything, anytime!

I really miss Davao. =(

By the way, here are the rest of the jump shots.

pike jump
Love is in the air.

David Blaining


Noni said...

bkit wlang planking? hehehe

LONEWULF said...

@Noni - wala eh.. magagalit yung nagpupush ng anti-planking bill hehe

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