14 May 2011


Last week, my hands had been itching to get a hold on this certain parcel that I practically did not want to receive. I was reluctant to get it because I shudder at the thought of possessing it.

To my luck, the package was accidentally sent to a co-employee (our VP for Information Technology), who handed it to me and gave me the precise advice that I needed.

“Remember, the only purpose it should serve is CONVENIENCE.”

The Devil

Mercy me. The devil is here.



  1. After a long streak of heat stroke, the rainy days have arrived. The rain’s a little too excited though, turns out t’was a tropical depression.

ganito kami sa Makati
  1. My favorite Purefoods-Hormel canned line is back! The Purefoods Luncheon Meat was phased out last year, I don’t know why exactly. They said it had something to do with the losses incurred in Ondoy OR perhaps the acquisition (Trivia: San Miguel had acquired the stocks of the previously Ayala-owned Purefoods-Hormel Company) /*corporate rumors*/
Either way, I’m giddy the product is back.

     There is actually a page in Facebook entitled “IBALIK ANG PUREFOODS LUNCHEON MEAT”. Absurd right? I support them though. *grin*

  1. This is a little late, but it’s worth sharing. The world has recently witnessed the emergence of a car made of Bamboo!

It was a Ferrari!

Kenneth Cobonpue

It was designed by a Filipino!

The Voyage
Kenneth Cobonpue is a Cebuano entrepreneur-designer who is world-renowned for his furniture craftsmanship. One of his famous designs was a bed called “Voyage”, which was sold to the most famous couple in the world, Brangelina.

  1. Lastly.

You know what these are?

Wrong! These… are how my #1 office crush shows her affection towards me. *blush*

Kidding! Well, she actually gave me these because I said she looked like some Hollywood actress.


Robbie said...

Ohnoes. Good luck with the credit card, >_<

LONEWULF said...

HAHA!! Thanks robbie. =)

So far, I am employing the swipe-then-pay method. Ergo, no finance charges. I could only hope I'd keep it that way.

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