28 November 2010


I initially created a blog in a different site. However, an alleged violation (by me) in their Terms and Services led to the blog's archiving and/or suspension. So I tried to re-create my blog here, but sad to say, I can no longer access my previous articles. (weeping icon)

I tried my Multiply articles just now but I also couldn't find most of them. The articles that were left are no good. So I guess I will really have to do this blog from scratch.

And with that, I would like to post these pictures I took while I was having dinner at home (included in my previous blog). I chanced upon these two cucarachas doing the nasty-nasty while I was having my daily dose of Mara Clara and Imortal. Immoral exhibitionists! Talk about taking gross-ness to the next level. (disgust)

Here's a closer shot of la cucarachas doing the deed.  (disgust again).
Well at least now we are certain that these creatures don't just undergo binary fission to propagate.


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