30 November 2010


Around 2pm today at Puregold Shaw Boulevard foodcourt, I wrote this down at the back of my softdrink receipt:

WOW! I have just finished ranting in front of my co-dancers and it felt really good. I was so pissed off that I wanted to let my angst out this time. Normally I will just cushion my emotions and kid about it to avoid channeling negative vibes. But this one is a different case. I believe they should feel the guilt this time. I want them to realize that it wasn't easy being in my position. I want them to understand that I was just trying to make things easy for everyone.

Now that I wrote it down, I feel bad for raising my voice earlier. I really don't like being mad. It's not one of my favorite things to feel. Nonetheless, I guess I still needed to do that.
Gotta go back now and work with everyone to complete the routine. Crunch time!

Sometimes, outbursts are a good thing. it lets you let other people know how you exactly feel. I actually felt good after my rant earlier. And I was pretty sure I made my message come accross this time.

On the brighter side, kudos to my team! We were very productive this weekend. We were able to put up a decent routine for an upcoming gig, the probably most significant gig of Urban Elite to date. Hope we can finish it and perform it perfectly next weekend. I'm excited!


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