01 November 2012


The last time I went to Star City was when I was in Grade 4. I was in elementary school and was still based in Tagum City then. We spent a summer here in Metro Manila to meet in the airport a balikbayan aunt who worked as OFW in Singapore. And while were at it, we dropped by Guimaras for a side trip and spent a couple of days there (very memorable side trip, btw), then went to Angono, Rizal to visit another aunt, and then had a trip to Manila Zoo and Star City with my cousins. :-)

Since I moved to Luzon to study college, I never got the chance to go back to Star City. Maybe because Enchanted Kingdom opened, and it is much much much much nearer to us. Hence, when a good friend of mine Wrej asked me if I could join her in their company Family Day which will be held in Star City, I could only say YES YES YES!

Wrej, or Maria Regina Manrique, is one of my co-dancers in UPLB Street Jazz, Urban Elite, and XSB (Excess Baggage). We entered UPLB in the same year, and we auditioned for Street Jazz in the same year. We also had become housemates for some time. Out of all my batchmates, she's one of those closest to me. And I can safely say that I know her more than most people that we know. 

Anyways, I felt honored when she invited me to join her in their family day. Office events like Family Day, Summer Outing, Halloween, etc. where you get to bring along family members make people like Wrej and I more depressed since our families are not here in the metro. Thus, we invite those who are next to a family to us. I know this because I was in the same situation back when I was still with Citi. That time, I invited Wrej, Ate Maris, and Ate Charm for our family day.

Being one of Wrej's invitees was an honor because this girl keeps her circle really small. She's that type of person who doesn't easily trust people, thus, being part of her circle is something. :-) Anyway, the other two she invited were Ate Maris and Jude, our co-dancers in UPLB Street Jazz. 

Anyhoo, before I get lost in that melancholic limbo, let me show you our pictures in our Star City escapade, my second time in the theme park. :-)

at the entrance

meeting Wrej (l) and Ate Maris (r)

Lonewulf, Wrej, Ate Maris, and Juding


That roller-coaster-like ride

That ride similar to Everland's Hurricane

Feet in the air.

By the entrance of a scary house. We did not get in, though. Not after we were traumatized in the other horror house.

Accompanying Wrej in her second round on the Viking, since Jude and Ate Maris are still traumatized by the ride. Now I get theme parks! They're supposed to induce trauma. Right?

More documentation of my bravery. Lol

That's how I looked, right before I shrieked my lungs out.
 After a quick lunch, we checked out Pirate Adventure, a boat ride that gives you a glimpse of the pirate world. :-)

bad lighting = low quality pics

Then we went to that place, I forgot what it was called, but it is like a giant refrigerator (around the same size of a basketball court) that lets you experience the wonders of winter. :-) Sorry, photos are not allowed inside, we had to surrender our gadgets at the entrance. But it was fun! It features ice sculptures, a man-made snowfall, and sliding down an ice slope on an inflatable. Fun fun!

 Up next; Bump cars!

the giddy gang, queueing

photo op muna :-)
This ride gave us the best laughs that day. It was very simple, you just get on a car then drive around bumping others. Yet I enjoyed it the most.

Really, I had so much fun here that I realized happiness is not that difficult to have. You don't have to be on top of world. You just have to be with special people, doing simple things, and sharing a good laugh. :-)

with Wrej on a bump car
that scary ride

Holy guacamole. I ain't getting on that! Not even if you pay me.
All in all, it was FUN! Thank you Wrej. And Juding and Ate Maris. I had a wonderful time that day! :-)

Jude by the exit. We left early because we had to go to a training session for a dance gig.

Looking at these photos made me realize a lot of things, like theme parks are great because they allow you to be a child again. And that friendship is a special gift because it reminds you that you are not alone in this planet. But best of all, these photos gave me this marvelous realization that I can summarize in three words...

I am fat.


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