06 July 2012


Kimchilandia Chronicles – Chronological recounting of Lonewulf’s great Korean adventure

We kicked off Day 2 of our Jeju sub-trip by having a warm morning with teddy bears.

I used to love cutesy stuff when I was young. Figurines, collectibles, potpourri, stationery, anything scented, stuff toys. However, that affinity disappeared when I started college. I don’t really know why 

I stopped liking cute things maybe because Elbi made me realize that life is tough, and cutesy stuff are just impediments in one’s coping with the bluntness of reality. (huh?)

So anyway, enough of that uhm darkness. I’m here to talk about light, delightful stuff! What’s good about the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum is that it made me get in touch with my old self. Now I’m liking cute stuff again. =)

Move over Michelangelo

I mean, how could you not be joyed when you see these adorable bears...


the Lotte hotel - this is our bus stop :)

by the Lotte hotel fascade - At night, this hotel looked ten million times more expensive! When the bus passed by this hotel the night we arrived the only word I was able to utter was... Extravaganza! (Shortstride agreed, fyi).

the pictures don't give justice to how marvelous this place is
So anyway, back to The Bear Museum. Haha!


nuptials greeting you as you enter

Be starstruck with these many celebrities. All in one building. =)



her Majesty

Starr, McCartney, Lennon, and Harrison

Confucius, Gandhi, and King Arthur :)

Let’s get artsy.

La Gioconda

my favorite artist Van Gogh

Rodin's The Thinker (cute -.- )

I honestly don't know what this is, but it's a bit obscene. lols

Princess Hours

I haven’t really watched the show, but Shortstride had. And that explains why she freaked out we reached this nook.

Community Bears ++


Korean Village

Korean village

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Terra Cotta

Snow white and the dwarves

A Norwegian sleigh

an American city


cute Dracula bear :)

mini bears
more mini bears
bear tea party

hermit bear by the Stonehenge

Teddy bear store

Novelty Bears

the golden bear

the crystal-studded bear

And of course, the (Read) most expensive teddy bear in the world, Steiff's Louis Vuitton teddy bear! I googled about this and I learned that the teddy costs a whopping US$ 2.1 million! Jessie Kim won it in an auction in Monaco.

The bottom floor houses the real Teddy store :) If only I had the moolah I would have bought all of these and brought 'em back home as souvenirs.

Shortstride and Arigato getting lost in a sea of bears

a human-size panda bear with an advocacy...

Save the Panda Planet :)
So... we were very ecstatic at this point, satisfied to our hearts' content. We thought the trip was done, and we were already heading to the exit. Little did we know, there was still a tremendous teddy treat awaiting us upstairs.

So tremendous, it was Elvis! Oh yeah. :) Good thing Arigato (or was it Shortstride?) insisted we check first a suspected unvisited area.

We thought it was just an Elvis corner. But no, it was only an entrance to the Elvis music hall.

Bears singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Soooooooooooo... CUTE! Okay, I can die now. Haha. I hope I could find time to upload the video of 'em performing. :)

Okay, so that was it! Our short but splendid time with the bears. Hope you had fun, too. :)
Up next: Chocolate Museum. Nyum!


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