29 July 2012


Kimchilandia Chronicles – Chronological recounting of Lonewulf’s great Korean adventure

Wow. I have been soooooo busy with my work-school routine that I am recently finding it hard to make time for blogging.

But anyway, since I am currently uploading bulk photos of my Aunt's wedding and his son's christening (rushing this for my dear mama who's so eager to see the pics since she wasn't able to attend because she is in the province), I will squeeze in posting this one entry.

Luckily, this is not too time consuming as there is no long story to tell.

not your ordinary chess set
That pictured above is something that you don't want to play with. Because that set, believe it or not, is food.

It is chocolate molded into chess pieces. And while you're reading this entry, you will see a lot of "cute-ly" styled chocolates, because well, this entry's about the...

CHOCOLATE MUSEUM! Are you ready to salivate?

Shortstride & Arigato by the entrance of the museum

the facade

the welcoming lobby is a chocolaterie

the chocolate salon

chocolate eggs

one for the leprechauns


chocolate shells

I doubt that all these are chocolates; but if they are, then it's pretty amazing :)

yummy dominoes

chocolate candles
And of course, the museum would be boring if they don't have chocolates that we can bring home and devour.

Here's a whole gallery of it.

Chocolates of all sorts! I went crazy in there.

Chocolates from all over the world.
Good: The museum is full of nothing but chocolates.

Better: We can purchase chocolates of all sorts. And there are 'free taste' stations.

Best: The entrance fee is consumable! YAAAYY!!

Even though, the array of choices was practically endless, all three of us chose to buy chocolate truffles. They're simply the best!

The bag of truffles

truffles posing with the bear

Shortstride posing with a bear

Shortstride hugging another bear
Some more chocolate exhibits before heading the exit.

dancing Jeju ladies made of chocolate

chocolate oranges

chocolate Coke! haha

cooking the chocolate

a chocolate record

my favorite, The Beatles!
I told you. There's not much story here. But with all these crazy chocolate figures, and the eye-widening chocolate store, this museum is worth a visit. :)

P.S. Watch out for my next Jeju entry, I bet my hat, you won't believe it!

Bye again for now, hope I can blog again very soon.


Chyng said...

hi, please blog how you got your visa in jeju. thanks!

LONEWULF said...

Hi Chyng! Thanks for dropping by. Jeju has a pretty loose policy when it comes to tourists. Unlike the rest of South Korea, you wouldn't need a visa to visit the island.

We, however, entered Korea via Incheon, so we had to apply for a tourist visa. It was pretty easy actually. Just provide the complete documents (bank cert, COE, tax doc) and your visa will be approved within 5 days.

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