11 June 2012


Kimchilandia Chronicles – Chronological recounting of Lonewulf’s great Korean adventure

umi-emo si koya

Folk villages are a common type of tourist spot in Korea. It is one of the must-go-to attractions in Kimchiland, so I insisted that we should visit at least one. However, even if there was one near Seoul, we were only able to visit the one in Jeju (one of the two in the island).

The Jeju Folk Village features an actual village, albeit uninhabited except for dolls, where you get to peek inside traditional village homes, farms, backyards, etc. The village also features an administrative house, where the most influential man in the village ought to live.

The compound has some restaurants and souvenir shops where you can shop for neat Jeju thingamajigs. Plus, there's an area where you can don traditional Korean costumes, for a fee of course. And it even has a hut filled with Jang Geum memorabilia. Yes, that Jewel in the Palace girl.

Wait. Why am I spoiling everything? Here, take a peek of our experience in the Jeju Folk Village.


Entering the Village

by a dol hareubang

primitive raft


a grinding stone... or not (?)

The Village

Take a peek

creepy doll - I really thought he'd stare back at me if I look away

nope, that's not a doll calf

dolls studying - don't they creep you out?

irrigation system - upper part for washing vegetables, lower part for washing clothes

Lonewulf and Arigato getting competitive in a folk game. Haha. This was fun! Promise.

The Korean Costumes

Now time to dress up! Actually, there's a bitter story here but I shan't be telling you, 'cause it breaks my heart everytime I remember it.

Ambush Makeover - Starring: Shortstride

Okay, sit still, just like a lady

And put on some makeup, just like a lady

No! That's not a lady, Shortstride

There. Now you look majestic. :)

Arigato's turn

Getting into character (lol)

Cheers to the newlyweds!

I just need to include this picture because I liked that guy's costume. A warrior, was it?

The Rest of the Village

Dae Jang Geum

the memorabilia - Yes, that on the left is a TV airing the episodes. You can stay here all day if you want to catch the episodes that you missed. :)

That Korean guy was really nice. When we passed by, he beckoned us to join them in their lunch. Koreans are such warm people. :)

This lady here sells the tastiest street food I've ever tasted.

Uber soft chicken barbeque + sweet crunchy waffles (I'm salivating right now as I am typing this)

Magkanda-dungis na't lahat, makakain lang ng masarap. :)

Next: to the administrative building

But wait, is that a playground?

It is a playground.

Weeee... swinging they went.

Look Ma, no hands!

Bye Bye Jeju Folk Village

Trivia: In some parts of Korea, this is where you normally drink from. A paper fold, instead of plastic cup. Very environment-friendly, eh?

Korevia # 11 - Paris Baguette is probably one of the most famous local food chains in Korea (ala Philippines' Jollibee). It is a French-Korean boulangerie that features the tastiest pastries that ever grazed my palate. Back in Seoul, everytime we see a Paris Baguette we become ecstatic, and we make it a point to grab some delicacies if time permits. But we were even more ecstatic when we found out that Jeju has Paris Baguettes too! YAY! It's indeed as ubiquitous as Jollibee. But I'm lovin' Paris Baguette much much better.

from google images

And why was this Korevia relevant?

Well, after Jeju Folk Village, we decided to call it a day. So we looked for the nearest bus stop. We got lost somehow (nothing surprising), and ended up awestruck when we saw a quaint Paris Baguette in one street corner. Without batting an eyelash, we dashed towards the bakery to grab some goodies. While giddily shopping inside, we three were having a loud argument about, uhm, well, I don't actually remember. And I bet it's not important. You know that we argue all the time. So while arguing, I noticed this pretty Asian girl who seemed to be listening to our bickerings.

I was about to gesture to Shortstride and Arigato about the lady, but she suddenly struck a conversation with us. Turned out she's a Filipina! :) Petite monde, right?

We learned that she's an Ilocana, but she has been a resident of Jeju for years now. We also learned that before she left the Philippines, she was employed by Citibank NA. My exact same employer in that exact same period. We're ex-officemates! Petite monde, indeed.

Bus to Seogwipo City with Miss Mary Ann Hyun

We were really really really really glad that we came across that Paris Baguette. :)

Miss Mary Ann, thanks for all the help and the hospitality. :) We hope to see you again. Soon!

Our Dinner

Bloody kimchi that Shortstride dared not eat



Funniest conversation in the entire trip:

While walking to the bus station exhausted from the folk village trip, as usual, Arigato and I in our normal walking pace are a few steps ahead of Shortstride.

(without stopping from walking)

Arigato: Wow, me beach pala dito!
Lonewulf: Yup, if I’m not mistaken, isa yan dun sa mga famous beaches dito sa island.
Arigato: Sarap mag-picture picture.
Lonewulf: Hmm... may beach nga wala namang kabrubig-brubig.
Arigato: True.
Shortstride: Ha?
Arigato & Lonewulf:  Walang kabrubig-brubig!
Shortstride: Ano yun?
Arigato & Lonewulf: Brubig-brubig.
Shortstride: Ano?
Arigato & Lonewulf: (nonchalant with blank stares) Brubig-brubig.
Shortstride: Leche kayo.

Haha! This was very reminiscent of that “great white buffalo” scene from Hot Tub Time Machine (one of the funniest movies I’ve seen).


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