29 March 2012


Okay, so I’m in a bit of a panic now that I finally received this.

It’s the official wedding invitation from Dale John Satur and Malaya Manalang. Say whuuut? This is real now. I mean, I learned about this happy occasion was that more than a year ago(?), but now that the invite is in my hands, I felt like, yeah, this is really happening. And I’m not yet prepared.



Dale John Satur is a good friend of mine. We basically have the same secondary and tertiary alma mater. He is my “brod” in UPLB Tubong Dabaw. And beyond all that, we were roommates back in high school (Trivia: all provincial scholars in Pisay are required to stay in the campus dormitory). We used to be part of a close circle (Eboy! Jap! Tres Tinna! Ligaya! Francis Panilla! Et cetera ), and we used to go to the mall together, watch movies, loiter, go to church, and have dinner together. And now, he has just (or will be, in the next couple of weeks) stepped on to a new stage of his life.

*acerbic tone* I’m sorry. Can I get a little emotional here? I am happy for my friend. Really. But hey, wedding is a serious matter. And amongst all the ‘close friends’ I have, he’s the first one to do it. So yeah, I’m excited and emotional at the same time.

By the way, we (me and some Pisay-UPLB friends) and Malaya or Aya went to the same university, but we barely know her as Dale started dating her when all of us were busy on our thesis preparing to graduate. However, truth be told, amongst all the girls that Dale dated in college, Aya is the most likeable. And the prettiest, too! And at the moment, we are sort of getting to know each other through our correspondences regarding the upcoming big event. So far, I can say she’s nice and that Dale is lucky to have her. =)

So why am I panicking again?

Well, firstly, I don’t have a Barong yet. And I have no idea where to get one. I can’t afford to buy a new one because my funds (including all my savings) diminished to nil after my Korea trip. =(

And secondly, look at this...

Yes. I am ½ of the sponsors designated to drape the couple with The Veil.  Like, whuuuuut? I have zero clue on what to do in the ceremony. Seriously. The last wedding I attended was so long ago that I was the friggin’ ring bearer.

And thus, the panic.

Can someone enlighten me about my role in the wedding? Anyone? You there, reader! No?

Okay then, hello Google. =)

P.S. If you have noticed, yes, the Dale John Satur I am pertaining to in this entry is the same Dale John Satur in the entry before this one. He is that good friend of mine who hosted our accommodation in Korea. Thanks again, Dale!


Kookai said...

Kacute sa invite. :)

LONEWULF said...

Ya, I know. Lingaw kaayo ang pagfuse sa Korean ek-ek. You'll get your invite in our dinner later. See you tot!

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