15 August 2011


It was more than just a business suit affair
A few weeks back, I posted the image below in my Facebook account with a caption that says... "COMING SOON...". I thought I was trying to foreshadow to all of my friends about something, when in fact I was just expressing my overwhleming excitement over the fact that...


And so I scouted for business suit shops in the Metro
So basically, this entry is going to be a walkthrough of my first ever trip abroad. Yeap, it was my first ever. And actually, it's another entry crossed out from my laundry list.

Okay I'll stop blabbering now, hope you enjoy viewing the images.


Spot the difference - actually, I was on the same seat, however, L pic was taken in PH while R pic was taken in HK

Aboard the Cathay Pacific - largest plane I've ever been in

the free meal - my boss was right, it was no full meal, albeit I liked the unlimited drinks

Entertainment on board; I was watching 30 Rock episodes during the trip (Like!)

The visual aid was in 3D - image was showing us our landing in HK
First breath of fresh air - reminds me so much of the first time I set my foot on Metro Manila

The vessel

Walkalators to speed people up - I tell you, the airport is soooo huge that you would need these so you could reach your luggage faster

All signs in HK are in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) and English

I felt like I was in a movie or something

And of course, you would need to ride a train just to reach the Immigration
Lots of shops inside the airport

there was even a spa there (leftmost)
queueing for the Immigration clearance

Luggage carefully lined up on the conveyor

Haggardo Versoza? Not quite
Me on a shuttle heading to the hotel


First sight of a taxi cab

Leaving the man-made island where the airport is located; I believe we're heading to Lantau Island

A lot of greens still

Amazing fact: Only red cabs drive towards the airport, while green ones drive away from the airport. Nah, that's a bluff

they have much more sophisticated highways than Manila; what would I expect, right?
We're heading to Kowloon Island, I think

another movie scene

look how packed those condominiums are; just a proof of how dense HK is

going through a tunnel
tunnel exit; Hello Kowloon!


signages in chekwa; I'm in China indeed

perhaps a vestige of British colonialism - double-decker buses
just like downtown Manila, except they're all Chinese



more buildings
brick buildings

another building... hey, that's my hotel! oh yeah, I'm here!

nice room - and it has a work station. sweet =)

the sink
the tub and the throne
wide flat screen TV
cozy cozy bed
the mini-bar - full of goodies
And of course...
the almost perfect view of the harbor =)

Nice, eh?! I'm not quite done yet. Just wait for my next entry.

(to be continued)


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