22 November 2011


As part of our Boracay activities last September, me and my friends procured a boat and went on an island-hopping escapade.


We played with the water, took picture of the islands, took pictures underwater, snorkelled, and did a lot of other crazy stuff.

This entry is more like a photowalk. Hope you enjoy the scenes. :)

searching the take off point
camwhoring muna

a shoreline of boats

Actually, the title of the entry was a misnomer, because to be honest we only did get to visit ONE island. I could have switched the title of this entry to "Visiting Crystal Cove Island". :)

the only island we had trodden on
carabao sculptures by the entrance
a gazebo to rest on
view from top


at Cove 1

taking some shots with the fish

trekking the path to the menagerie

path to Cove 2

bamboo bridge

careful with the steps

steep spiral stairs

And then we went snorkelling. Apologies for the absence of underwater shots. We were so busy feeding the fish that we forgot to grab the camera. We were that fascinated with the scene underwater.

gearing up

Yay! All in all it was a fun-filled experience. And I recommend it to anyone who visits Boracay. You will have to pay extra for the entrance to Crystal Cove island (~P200), but trust me, it's worth your every penny.


If you're interested in island-hopping, contact this person. He gave me the cheapest rates. That's for all of the activities we did.

ZOMG! I think I lost his number. Wait, I'll look for it and I'll upate this entry.


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