24 November 2011


/*Warning: This is not something for you to read. I just felt the need to write this*/


I hate to admit this, but I still think of you. A lot.

/*Don't you dare click that button*/
/*Warning: A lot of cheese ahead. Different kinds! */

I wonder how you are now.

Who you are going out with. What's he like.
I still wish for your good health. I also wish you continue to enjoy your work, and that your family remains happy.


Also, I hope you know that if ever the day comes when the whole world would seem to be an ugly place, and you just want to run, I'm just here.

I promise I'll just listen. I won't dig up the past. And I will not hope for any future.

(rereading what I've written so far... *gasp* who is this hideous sentimental person typing away on my keyboard?)

I know, I know. Since that day two years ago, I have always tried to supress this persona. I have always tried to project to my friends an image of a happy, contented me, who's not pining for you. Not a bit.

But what the hell, I'll cease suppressing that persona. Just for today.

I'm still in love with you Chie. (There goes my reputation).
And whenever I feel lonely, I think about you. It makes me lonelier yes. But it makes me feel comfort as well. That's something I can't even dare to deny to myself, because I know (and all of the cells in my body would agree) that you make me happy.

/*Please leave this page*/

People say that I was different when I was with you, I was extremely happy. And they missed seeing that happy person. I know they're right, because I also missed being happy. I missed being the person that I was when I was with you. So yeah, I just snort and give them a funny retort. But that's because maybe it's the only way I can tell them they were right without me getting depressed.

By the way, I want you to know that despite this sadness I never regretted the day that I left you. Because I think it was the only thing I did that made you happy.


I hope you have a good one. And I also hope that people won't forget to greet you, because that will just make you upset.

With love,


Nishiboy said...


LONEWULF said...

^What the fuck... seriously, Jap? Do we subject to endless playbacks of this song again?!! Okay, sounds good. See you around 10pm tonight. By the way, happy birthday to you, too!


Nishiboy said...

hahaha. i'm going out tonight with the guy i was on the phone with ganiha.

i know na kung unsa imong reaction: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lq4xodNj961qb49yqo1_400.gif

lol. sa saturday, mag chicken ju ta!

LONEWULF said...

^Ay! Okay2x, Saturday it is. So dili ka muuli tonight?

LONEWULF said...

^^HAHA! Love the link. Gusto nako tan-awon utro ang Scott Pilgrim blah blah.

Nishiboy said...

muuli man. pero mga (k)adlaw(on) na.

Sab said...

Awww Dadi.. this is just sweet. Can't find enough words to say. :)
Miss you! Miss dancing with you po. :)

LONEWULF said...

^Sab - miss you too nak. Thanks, nakakahiya ang entry na to. hehe

Chie said...

I miss you too Noei. And u will forever remain in my heart as well.lol :p

AHA!!!! Eto pala yun!!!! Sentimental much?
Dontcha worry. You're not alone. I feel for you. There's that one relationship that u fervently wish would last forever 'coz it just makes you happy; but then u know it's not good for you. So u make that hard (but right) decision. :))

LONEWULF said...

Ate Chie! Haha.. paker, nabasa ko sa hotmail ko me update daw... message from "Chie" on my blog entry "Behind the Camera". Aba nataranta si gago at nag-online bigla sa blogger, only to find out ikaw pala yun. HAHA Hoping?

Anyway, na-touch ako sa sinabi mo. :( Hindi ko mai-express enough yung pag-agree ko at gusto ko nalang maiyak dahil... TAMA KA! I hate HARD BUT RIGHT decisions! HATE HATE HATE hehehe Thanks Ate Chie! :) lablab

Topepers said...

HOMAYGAWD. May ganitonga ganap pala sa blog mo. Hahaha! Haylavet! Ahehehe!

LONEWULF said...

Leche topeppers. Sa dinami-dami ng blog entry ko, eto pa talaga binasa mo? "Leave this page" nga eh.

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